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Thread: Flushing?

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    So the basic premise of flushing is to flush with 3 times the size of the pot you use right? For 2 weeks?

    And then wait until its completely dry and do it again?

    Do flushing agents like clearex make a noticeable difference?

    Do you completely stop giving nutes during these weeks? How about molasses?

    Sorry... just a lot that I dont know about flushing!
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    Im a soil guy

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    You need to flush if you have over ferted, 3 x your pot size. do it once! never let pots dry complelty, start again with a much lighter feed. if you over flush (like if you flushed for 2 weeks) you will flush out all the goodness from the soil that your nutes wont be able to replace and you will most likely have to use a little A & B to get things going again

    If your talking about the final 2 weeks then flushing will do you no good atall, you need to just give your girls water ph'd to 6.8-7.0, just watering them the same amount as normall.
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    Sorry... guess i should have mentioned that. Im talking about the final flush just before harvest?

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    People say flush final 2 weeks, but really your not flushing your just feeding plain water (no nutes), its not actually flushing, that would involve 3 x pot sze of water striaght through your soilmix to flush out what you have put in.

    so just to be clear, final 2 weeks water your girls with the normall amount you water. as the last of the food in the soil and plants gets used up you will see her starting to yellow up. and depending on what strain you have it could start to get rather stinky! ;)
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    well thank you for saving me there. I was about to throw 3x water in there like every 2-3 days for 2 weeks, guessing that wouldn't have been too smart! lol

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    No molasses during the last 2 weeks either?

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    Molasses or no molasses is a controversial subject - some say it further clogs the soil, some say it finishes up the taste if all the plants can get is the molasses and no other nutrient - so what I typically do (and my buds taste great, imo) is run a flushing solution (not clearex though, a saponin/yucca extract based solution.. like fox farms sledgehammer) for my first flush watering - this cleans up any mineral buildups so the plants can absorb any left over nutrients. It will also inhibit the mycos for a bit (they'll slow down, not die - slow down. Read about the effects of saponin on mycos... they will NOT die, but they don't feed "properly"). Next I water with plain bubbled tap water that's sat for 24 hours.. this makes sure the plant is taking up any trace nutrients left. Then I water from there until I feel the buds are really ready with water and molasses(molasses feeds the myco again, so like a victory meal). (Sometimes another week and a half, sometimes another week - sometimes two weeks - NEVER more as you can stunt the plants final "Hoorah" and cause it to throw some nanners.) I don't adjust the PH of my tap at this point either, because PH up/down are still chemicals.
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    Molasses, like whatsgoodie said is for the mycro-funguys. Imo CaMg+ is better, its made from sugar cane (like molasses) & is the perfect "sugar food" for the mycro's.

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    my freind uses grow techs final flush blueberry it uses natural acids to wash away the salts and ferts to give that nice clean white ash when smoking.
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