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Thread: (the original sensible seed company)

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    Guest (the original sensible seed company)

    I have mixed feelings about this place. They have a moderate selection. The absolute best prices. Shopping costs are fair. Items were in breeder packaging. That's the good parts. The bad parts. They have a on site blog telling how they were the original sensible seed company and how it all got started, how they got shutdown but have battled their way back. I read all that shit and praised them for having the nuts to stick it out. Told them I was impressed by their selection and pricing and that I wished they would carry a few more breeders I mentioned. Well not a thank you, fuck you or even an automated your email will be answered promptly. Seeds arrived in 21 days. Postmark said the would have made me believe it was due to customs but I've received 2 shipments from mossy and I don't think it took 21 days total. The beans were in breeder packs. I ordered Greenhouse Auto Big Bang and Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel af. Standard bubble envelope. Freebies were somewhat advertised on the site but I got nothing. The greenhouse package was badly dimpled at every seed spot. One of the three was smashed and obliterated so badly that I has to reexamine it to make sure it wasn't just dirt picked up off the floor. All of the cc were ok. Emailed o-ssc about it. Didn't ask for a replacement or anything. Have yet to get a reply from them and its been almost a week. So of ypu order ya ought to get your beans just make sure your satisfied before you pay cuz you may not be when you get them.
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    I have ordered from them, was a good experience for me. I ordered MI5 and Onxy got my order in about 20 days, I paid more for tracking but don't bother because i received my beans before it updated on the tracking lol. I also got freebies of white widow with my order

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    Since you got freebies I think ill bitch some more to them. Panama Red x WW WAS advertised but as I said..nothing.

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    Received my DP Think Different seeds (in original breeder pack) very quickly. I was given a tracking number and the package was registered.

    Bonus: Royal queen seeds King size rolling papers and filters. Also two (2) DinaFem Critical Auto + and two (2) regular Spicy Diesel '99 (C99 x Diesel x Mr Nice Spice x Geurilla Gold x Orange Candy Floss )

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    Still waiting on my Cream Caramel's from them - small order, but great pricing. They responded to my shipping question by the next day personally. It's been two weeks worth of business days since ordering to this day, so, quite slow, but good to know that for 2 others it took 20-21 days.

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    My last order was through these guys. Everything showed up in 12 days from order. Everything but the freebies were in breeder packs. I have started 5 beans so far and they all sprouted. I had forgot to put a US zip code when I ordered and they contacted me immediatly through email. Overall it was a good experience.

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    Love these guys, I am sticking to them for now. Great prices on Sweet Seeds, of course they are in Spain, which seems like a MJ-neutral location to ship from, less worry for me.

    Question: I got 2 Kannabia White Domina freebies (two separate orders). Are all Kannabia seeds feminized? I ask because a couple other freebies were labeled as feminized (f), but the Kannabia ones weren't.

    I'm trying to get a feminized mother going, although it's not going so well. I can't afford to grow tons of plants, so knowing a plant is female will allow me to plan accordingly.

    Thanks, y'all.

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    Just put an order in with them. Lets see how it goes:)


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    I ordered twice from them and I do not have any big complaints.
    On the first order, it looked as if someone tried opening the envelope, oneof the dinafem containers was pooped open, but I was only missing one of thefree seeds.
    I placed a new and larger order hoping they will take into consideration themissing seed from the first order, but NO, I never got that one.
    On the second order everything was there, no seeds missing. Both ordersarrived on the 11th day and 12th day respectively, after the orders were placed.They all came in their original packing, except the freebies. I almost forgot,they will also send a gift on every order :) .
    I would recommend this company at any time, very reliable source, I am extremely happy with my purchase, I will keep using them to supply me as longas they're around. No one's gonna stop me now!
    Now it's just a matter of waiting to see how this mothers will develop.

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    I do not believe it will ever update, but it seems like a safer option

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