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    low odour strains

    hey there

    anyone know what are the lowest odour auto grow strains wanna grow in appartment so obviously gotta be as stealthy as a ninja


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    The 60 day wonder is very low odor, I haven't grown any other strains as of yet, but i think it's a general consensus that it has little odor. I have to say that it's gonna smell like weed no matter what. I had some of those vacuum cleaner activated carbon filter pads over my exhaust fan but it still smelled. (my cab isn't air tight either). The best thing to do is try to keep the exchange of fresh air constant. With this strain you could easily raise a window and no one would ever smell it. I used to leave my bathroom open with the fan running constantly and you could barely smell it. It smelled like potpourri with a hint of weed. So i ended up getting a timed aerosol (ONA PRO MIST) it worked wonderful except it smelled like an old persons house (ONA regular smell STINKS).

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    never grew it but it says this blue mystic has a pretty neutral smell while growing
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    shawneebee-Try Low Rider or Short Stuff#1. Buy those stick fragrance diffusers things..... Did well in a room 12x16' with 5 in a corner, concealed.

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