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Thread: Big Bang Auto By Green House. Pic Included

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    Captain cure

    Big Bang Auto By Green House. Pic Included

    SeedBank : Greenhouse

    Strain: Big Bang Auto

    Did it autoflower?: Yes

    Soil/hydro: Soil

    Nutes: Monster Grow/Bloom, Burpee Organic sea kelp 0-15-11, Molasses, Shooting powder and soil amendments

    Light (kind and schedule): 600 Hortilux HPS 18-6

    From seed to harvest date: 11-12 weeks

    Dry Yeid: (40-50)g

    High/Effect Duration (how long did effects last): Instant Headrush followed by a full body stone. Happy with slight paranoia. 3 hours.


    RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good

    Bag Appeal: * to *****

    **** Nice and Big Buds. A nice lime green color and fluffy Buds.

    THE GROWth: * to *****

    ***** 2 grows 8 plants i have done with this strain and none have let me down. Average over 3 feet tall and yield is up there with the best Autos i have grown. My 3 year old could grow this plant. They can withstand anything and keep trucking. Very hardy in the harshest climate abd can handle zero to heavy feedings well and still produce.

    THE SMELL: * to *****

    ***** Cat pee with a slight skunk and fuel after tone. I love Diesel and skunk.

    THE SMOKE: * to *****

    **** Taste like Diesel on the inhale but on the exhale through nose you get a piney taste. Creaps on you with coughing fits. Good lung expansion.

    THE HiGH: * to *****

    ***** Instant headrush followed by a delayed coughing fit. After about 5 minutes it hits your body very well. Very narcotic with a good happy feeling to start but towards the finish you get a little edgy. Would recommend for medical. Good for insomnia and pain. My back and neck were relieved within 5 minutes and lasted longer then a 30 mg percocet. Not for the faint of heart. If your prone to paranoia avoid. Im good with that so didnt bother me at all but if i had anxiety i could tell this weed will flip you out.

    Big Bang Auto By Green House. Pic Included-big-bang.jpg

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    great report thanks

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    Awesome. Can't wait to grow mine out now... :D

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    Captain cure
    Thanks guys. Thanks for the like and + rep TBM. This is what's it's all about. I would feel like I let someone out there down if I was to grow this plant twice and not leave a report for the next person. The pleasure was mine. Good luck micro theyre good plants.

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    Awesome report bro! You made me realize I have a SH*T load of reports to do! Just from your report I'm putting this on my "to grow" list! +REP great job brother!
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    +rep for your great report mate,sounds like a nice auto strain and I'm sure a few more people will give it a go after reading this.nice job
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    Captain cure
    Thanks guys appreciate the love. I will be making some ice hash with the trimmings tonight. I will take some pics and write how I do it. Very simple with all house hold items. Also a shot of the final product. It should be up in the next 4 hours if you wanna check it out. Til then
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    Yeah it defo has the catpiss smell im smoking some now, nice dense fluffy buds too.

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    great grow report +rep for taking time to do this to share with us all Si

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    Got 5 of these. Might give them a go on the next grow.

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