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    how to make earwax hash

    love the method that this guy uses let me know what you think.

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    I don't generally do much "whipping" when I make this stuff.

    After you have purged the butane from the rinse, scrape it all up into a glob and then spread it out thin in your glass dish..

    Then put it on an electric heating pad and watch the butane slowly bubble can stir it a couple times at the beginning but don't whip it!!! it will get lots of little bubbles and puff up.....after about an hour it will start to lose its gloss and your oil will turn to wax... remove from the heating pad and scrape it up!

    making wax doesn't have to be labor intensive.

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    Joe Dirt
    Welcome to AFN, OY! Nice way to introduce yourself.

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    Aww the video has been taken down. :(

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