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Thread: Reclaim honey candy

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    Reclaim honey candy

    If you have a dedicated oil rig this is a great way to use your reclaim!
    I haven't tried this with fresh BHO or with buds or anything else, and I found so many recipes I just decided to make my own. Reclaim is awesome because its already been decarbed! Also the tech for making the canna infused oil is adjustable for different uses. I also make canna capsules with the oil!

    things you need

    Candy thermometer or I used a IR laser temp gun.
    Parchment paper
    Small oven safe dish

    First preheat your oven or toaster oven to 200.

    Take your measured quantity of reclaim (i iso wash my rig into Pyrex then evaporate and scrape) and place in a small oven safe dish. It's fairly important to know how much oil you are starting with to determine dosage!! I do small batches so a gram is a good starting point for me.

    Then add coconut oil. This part here is up for debate as to the ratio. I believe as little as 2:1 coconut oil to reclaim is alright for this application, I wouldn't use less. For a gram of claim, 10 ml is probably about right. If I were making canna capsules, I would use 20 ml or so per gram. It doesn't matter so much how much coco oil you use other than to stay within the limitations of your recipe in regards to dose. ie too much coco oil to claim ratio would not be good for these candies as they should be mostly honey. The capsules however, are using the coco oil alone as method of delivery so the amount of oil used is determined in regard to dosage (20ml coco oil + 1g claim = 25 x .04 doses, while 10ml coco + 1g oil = 15 x .07 doses. Anyway..)

    Next is soy lecithin. I bought a big bottle at GNC for $12 or something, it came in granulated form (as opposed to powder), which is alright. I go about 1:1, probably a teaspoon per gram of claim. This stuff is gummy and won't want to mix in that well at first.

    Give it a quick mix and slap it in the oven while you take a break to smoke a joint.

    Come back in 5 minutes or so and the oil mixture should be getting warm. Take the back of a spoon and mash the lecithin granules until dissolved. It's 80f where i am and Ive done it with minimal heating but it makes it much easier when warm.

    Once smooth, wrap dish tight in foil and put in oven at 190-200 for an hour. This part is important as it increases the bioavailability of the thc.

    Then we make the candy! Depending on how strong you want your candy this is where you would decide how much honey to put in the pot. I love the taste of these so I make them weak enough that I can have a few. It also lets my dad and girlfriend enjoy these as well (they still only eat half! Lol). I'm shooting for .03 - .05 per candy, so I estimate enough honey for about 20-40 drops. 1/4 cup maybe?

    Heat honey to hard crack stage. This can be tricky as you don't want to burn the honey. Be gentle and increase heat gradually. I end up bringing my honey to just barely hard crack, 300, while closer to 310 would be true hard. Don't want burnt flavor though.

    Wipe a little coconut oil on a big piece of parchment

    Take honey off heat and let cool for a 30 sec to a minute then quickly mix in your coconut claim oil. Pour this on the parchment. Here you can either pull it and cut into pieces, or let cool some more, then cut into squares.

    Wrap in small pieces of parchment and toss in fridge and voilą! you've made some delicious medibles!!!!!

    Ill try to take some pics and edit this post or at least copy and repost with pics added soon!
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