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Thread: Chocolope harvest 90 days from seed

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    Chocolope harvest 90 days from seed

    My chocolope turned about 15-20% amber today so I decided it was time to take her down. Pretty easy plant to harvest.

    Chocolope harvest 90 days from seed-chocolop1.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-chocolope2.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-chocolope_harvest1.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-chocolope_harvest3.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-chocolope_harvest2.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-chocolope_harvest4.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-img_1083.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-img_1084.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-img_1085.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-img_1089.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-img_1090.jpgChocolope harvest 90 days from seed-img_1088.jpg

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    Look great can't wait for a smoke report

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    for surelet us know how chocolate-ish this taste.. its been on my strains to grow out list for a while.. i have never eperienced chocolate flavored cannabis and feel it would be quite a treat... thanks.

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    I've heard from other people that Chocolope only has about a week or so of a harvest period where it will actually taste like chocolote. I'd been taking samples for the last few weeks so I would hit it right. The sample that I quick dried in the Volcano at harvest had the taste of chocolate on exhale.

    I think white widow is coming down today or tomorrow. Kandy Kush next week.

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    sticky pipez
    that looks like some sticky icky bud chinarider.
    kudos to you sir.


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