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    I can't find a review anywhere. Didn't know if any one here has used them.? If I can't find a review I won't order. But I did see a couple autos I liked. The Orge looks like if super cali haze had a little sister it would be that. A lot of green in 70 days. The fruit salad X pink bud looked sweet. Anybody?

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    i have no experience with this company. however in the recent wiki article i created someone came in and edited the references by placing the web address for the seed depot. it bothered me though there is a reference (though valid) from this site and world of seeds. id be a little cautious until someone reports a positive experience.

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    I think I might give them a try ;) pinkbud x fruit salad f2 for a good price, having a hard time resisting. Shhhh... Don't tell my wife I'm buying more seeds! If I do order i'll post results.
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    so i just put in an order for Secret Garden Seeds, Pinkbud x Fruit salad at The Seed Depot, got an email saying they would be shipped out within 24 hours well fingers crossed all goes well...

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    I have dealt with these guys,the guy whose business it is used to be involved in ICmag but didn't like the way things were being done so started his own forum/seedbank..I bought some S.O.L. Blubonic and Chimera seeds from the site,which arrived no fact the blubonic seeds were priced incorrectly at almost half their usual price,but the seeddepot guys honoured that price even though they had taken a loss on them..can't get much fairer than that...I have every faith that the poster above who is waiting for seeds will receive them safe and sound very soon
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    Order Arrived Today!
    Arrived safe and sound. Plus two packs of freebies! twenty free seeds! small mix up with getting a 10 pack instead of a 12 but they already said they would send the two missing seeds to me. So the Seed Depot is Legit! and is the place to be for great deals. they have autos and photos and crazy good deals! i'll be ordering again for sure :D

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    the freebies i got are a g13 haze... which i can't really use. too bad. and Classic Seeds Romulan x Hawiian Skunk. which i'm really curious about! anyone have experience with any strains from classic seeds? or either the hawiian skunk or romulan? i heard romulan is a good strong stone but not very tasty.

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    Well I took the plunge today. I will give a report if and when my stuff comes. Anyone know if bailer has been responding to messages?

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    He's working on AutomaticSeed ATM Moe..we have the new seed banks to add..anything I can help with..?

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    guess i haven't updated here in a while either... i've had 3 successful orders thru the seed depot including a awesome deal on Rare Dankness seeds i got my paws on the first release of their indica varieties buy two get one free. always had good dealing with them. so i'm three for three in finding the right places to get genetics: my most recent order (hoping to drop those magic dragons soon) The seed depot, and attitude. haven't had a bad deal yet. hope that good karma holds up :)
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