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New Showcase Comments

  1. Azad
    Great review on this a900 light I'm still considering buying one for my 4x4 would you say it covers that space?
  2. Tyler_Durden88
  3. cephalopoder
  4. WombRaider
    This is exactly what I’m looking for I’ve given up on salt based ferts.
      Slater likes this.
  5. SitnSpin
    You, my friend, are a lucky dog! Let's see that light's stuff!
  6. Tyler_Durden88
    Light is working great better than expected all the plants are praying to the bloombeast.lol
  7. Wian
      Need4Weed likes this.
  8. Tyler_Durden88
    So this can go both humidifier and dehumidifier? I'm looking at a couple of these right now for my drying tent.
  9. Haze4dayz
    Looks like a monster. Very jealous, enjoy my friend
      Mizzo81 likes this.
  10. lunarman
    Good write up and pictures. Seems like a good deal for $400. Lots of functionality for the money.
      forbiddenx711 likes this.
    How hard is it too get roots out for a second run with it? Seems like it went through the medium instead of around it.
      Damien50 likes this.
  12. Weed Warrior
    great job man!! Well done!
      Damien50 likes this.
  13. Mizzo81
    Sounds like a great one. Nice review
      MissUniverse likes this.
  14. Burn victim
    Nice ! That root / stem reminds me of that statue the priest found in The Exorcist, kill that thing with fire lol! Not that I believe that shit , but still . ;)
      Weed Warrior and Damien50 like this.
  15. Pistil Kid
    I am smoking some atm that has been cured in jars for 6 weeks it is pretty heavy smoke something to save for the evenings imo. I smoke a lot and it still hits me pretty hard.
      Need4Weed likes this.
  16. bhaskara_phoenix
    Awesome growing! Looks tastey! :smoking:
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  17. Ron Paul
    75% humidity will spawn the white devil
  18. Boveda
    Wow. That's some crystal! Well done.
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  19. Auto melt
  20. 7.62
    Looks mighty tasty!
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