1. CONGRATULATIONS to High'n'Dry for Winning the Mars Hydro competition..winning a TS1000 panel. Well Done...Show us what you can Do with it. Thank you Mars Hydro Tina for the competition and prizes. Much Appreciated
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  2. CONGRATULATIONS to Man'0'Green and Frogster who Won Mars Hydro sweat shirts in the MarsHydroTina competition. Thank you to everyone taking part
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New Showcase Reviews

  1. Sebe56
    "Great Lights"
    Theses are the best have 5 3500k. How far from the plants should they be View Full Review
  2. MrOldBoy
    "Bulk Wrap Mine Please"
    Ok I’ll take two, to go, bulk wrap, individually bagged not necessary, it’s all for me! View Full Review
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  3. MrOldBoy
    "Great Grow"
    nice structure and good looker too. View Full Review
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  4. akhydro907
    "Very nice!"
    I struggle so bad to get more veg out of my auto's before they start their flowering. How do you promote such good veg? I grow organic, but is there something I can add to my soil to help? Thanks View Full Review
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  5. UpNsmoke86
    "Just popped 2"
    I just popped 2 of these . Hoping they come out as good as your! Thanks for the review! View Full Review
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