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  3. General Battle 2019. First Leg Winner was The Mugwamp with his Dutch Passion Auto Critical Orange Punch. Grown under 250w hps dual spectrum lights. CONGRATULATIONS
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  4. The Winner of the Mephisto First Leg Battle was MrOldBoy with Mephisto Sam's Crack..in Living Organic oils under Optic4 lights. CONGRATULATIONS MrOldBoy
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  5. Winner of the Lighting Battle. First Leg 2019 is Iriee Vibez with a Dutch Passion Auto Glueberry OG under a mix of Kind Led ..RapidLED COBs and Chilled Logic Puck. CONGRATULATIONS.
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  6. Congratulations to Mesaboogie who Won the Dinafem 1st Leg Battle 2019 Well Grown....
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New Showcase Comments

  1. VitaMan
    Nice frost. Would like a lot more info, tho. If you look around there are a few useful templates you can use.
  2. Eddbolt
  3. Trav*newgrower*
    Wow that's a light of lights think I'll tuck my lil led light bulbs up and hide under the sheets in shame LMFAO
      Tyler_Durden88 likes this.
  4. member420
    I would be useful to see a direct clone to clone side by side with the sanslight vs something else.
      Slater likes this.
  5. barbarca
    wow were can I get this strain
  6. Budding Gardener
    That is a great looking plant. I have GSC in the ground and I am looking forward to see if it comes close to your 5 oz yeild. How large was the plant? Height and width?
  7. Budding Gardener
    That's a great looking plant. What was the yeild?
      Trooperwife likes this.
  8. natertots
    No US distributors that I can find?
      Slater likes this.
  9. blue
    The "explode" PK booster is amazing! Had great success with that in the past! :D
      namvet25 likes this.
  10. Waira
    :hothot: :hump: giggady! Mate I've been eyeing QB's for a while now, then you go and screw it all up with these! :rofl: :bravo: Excellent review Slater, this is how it's done proper - :bow: ...A strain well known by you, cloned and...
      Slater likes this.
  11. St. Tom
    awesome review @Slater i will do mine in a few weeks no point doing them both at same time i thought
      Waira and Slater like this.
  12. Tyler_Durden88
    I'm thinking of trying the hijack I love the jack herrer strain. Would have liked to see her trained a bit to see how she responded to it. I've grown every one of their strains but the hijack and juicy lucy. Autoseeds always yields high.
      Dabber likes this.
  13. cloudsosmoke
    Good for me too.. (tho a few leaves)
  14. niceneasy
    Very nice mate, lovely looking plant. I do love a nice Haze plant,
      NiceOption likes this.
  15. niceneasy
    Nice buds. I've grown a few blue cheese out, and they all stunk. Great smoke though. Hope the auto version keeps with the non version.
      CoviklaFlaire likes this.
  16. namvet25
    Super big colas,very nice.I'm doing a test with them now, and so far so good.
      blue and Feenix like this.
  17. CoviklaFlaire
    WooooW I made simple showcase and whole site went down.. :rofl: :crying: I'm just kidding.. :biggrin::biggrin: I had added some pics but they are gone?? :shrug::nono: And I cant edit my showcase. :nono:
  18. St. Tom
    CoviklaFlaire i grew these this year and boy your right they fucking stunk to fuck but what a great smoke i grew them under the sanlights and im pretty sure your going to up your game further when you get your lights i can't wait to see how you do
      CoviklaFlaire likes this.
  19. bakedpwn
    did it ever pour out the sides when watering?
    BlueCheese should be VERY flavorful and absolutely LOUD as they get. That’s why I cannot grow her at all in my apartment. Plants look good and those buds look good too. Maybe the flavors will come with the cure and complete dryness. I hope they...
      CoviklaFlaire likes this.