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New Showcase Reviews

  1. Rebel
    "Nicely Detailed!"
    Very detailed! Lovely pics! Sounds like a strain I'd love to try! Sweet lemon hell yeah!! :d5: 5 stars!! View Full Review
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  2. Jtsmoker
    "I got it in"
    The low key got my weed in to Disneyland but they took my first clip on it I had 12 cartridges for 3 days so I gave one up and I was good he was like you will give up the clip I was like yea and I gave him the clip and screwed on the next it was... View Full Review
  3. Yetisuncle
  4. ColoradoDreaming420
    "cheap and efficient"
    I bought a pack of 4 of these for curing since they were the highest rated on Amazon and they get the job done. Nothing fancy and are within 1-2% RH of each other and my other 2 hygrometers. View Full Review
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