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  1. jdm61
    I am a new guy and almost 6 weeks above ground with my first grow of any kind ever (at age 58) with this strain.I got my seeds from the same source as the OP. I wanted a US source because I don't like CBP. I have been in flower for less than...
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  2. Roger Dee
  3. Whitetrash
    I have been.using the green planet line for a good while. I was using the 4 part kit. But im about to swicth to the 1 part. The guy at the shop I buy it from said that the 4 part is more for water culture. Said it's a little strong for coco. So...
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  4. Royal T
    You said that you start at 1/4 of the recommended dosages. Do you maintain that the whole run? Do you plan on running a CalMag supplement too, or is that covered in the base line? Great review Thanks!
  5. Frank Nitty
    Nice fat buds!!! You did a great job!!!
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    Just beautiful buds for sure! Love the color. Glad it works well for her.
  7. Hazefade
    Harvesting one next week! Excited since it looks very much like yours. Definitely popping another seed of this.
  8. Jimshorts69.99
    That looks way better than mine. I am currently growing 3 24 carats and 4 sour crack from mephisto. Im using pro mix with blue planet nutes on the 24 carats im mixed in some kelp meal fishbone meal and some oyster shell in the bottom of the 7 gal...
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  9. Jimshorts69.99
    That is amazing looking!! I like the cbd to thc content. That would be an awesome strain for the hemp only states
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  10. MrOldBoy
  11. Indi
    Looks great and very hazy!!!
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  12. Jackson
    Please see my plants in the Live chat section under “ Jackson is back”
  13. Xinline
    Got one of these and 2x p150 too . They allright... beginner light . I use the p150 for clones . This works very well.
  14. Roger Dee
    where is best place to buy seeds US stateside?
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  15. andreas
    That looks tasty , looking for a strain myself for sciatica
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  16. Chronic_ passion
    This has helped a lot thanks. It was in my basket already but now it's in the post!
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  17. Prez2.0
    This just landed on my future projects list
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  18. AltheGardener
  19. Bigg Al
    Omg!!:worship: This looks great!! I must get me some of these for my wife!! Great review! Will let my wife read!! Thank you !!:headbang:
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  20. Archaic
    As a professional geochemist I'm pretty skeptical about the chemistry and I'm beyond skeptical about the claims. This is a pretty dubious product that is just a weak organic peroxide that probably won't do what they claim and certainly isn't...
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