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  1. F.N.
    Simply outstanding. You have grown a lot of weed with around then 370 watts from the wall amazing.
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  2. sewerdweller
    Completed entire grow seed to harvest and very happy. When i started looking to update there was no clear choice. This company that company blah blah blah. These little lites deliver wonderfully in my space. And if i had bigger space i still...
  3. Ripper
  4. PlatinumLEDTom
    Very pretty! Nice work @johnp540!
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  5. johnp540
    Great informative review.
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  6. johnp540
    Lmao @ jazz cabbage. Good review. I'd like to try one of these out. Seems to be pretty popular.
  7. briman
    Superb review Waira!:headbang: I too, am not real fond of pipes, but the smooth clean hit doesnt have much heat to it, which is what turns me off from smoking a pipe in the first place. The g stone for concentrates are where this thing really...
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  8. briman
    great review and it does get gummed up pretty fast, but clean up is a breeze!:thumbsup: Jazz cabbage....awesome!:thumbsup:
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  9. Waira
    :bong:.... abuse test complete- :amazon: ....Jazz Cabbage- :rofl: that's comedy there! Great review my friend, thank you! :d5:
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  10. johnp540
    Beautiful bud there in boss. How big she get? What size of container? I've got a few is why I asked.
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  11. lunarman
    I bought two of these pipes. One for me and one for a friend. We both found they did nothing for us. Still coughed a lot. Found the experience was not much different than other small pipes. The company was great to work with though and we...
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  12. Saint Skinny
    @Boradan Fast and Vast is the only strain I've tried from Heavyweight but It was one that got me hooked on autos!
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  13. St. Tom
    Can't beat heavyweight they are a breeze to grow also you can well and truly ditch the dealer
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  14. F.N.
    Excellent write up I love the hubbabubbasmellascope. You nailed the finer points of the plant.Smell taste and a great all day smoke for functioning on.
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  15. mknghorn
    awesome.great looking bud sir. have the samsquanch crossed with the hubbabubbamelloscope finishing up now and it too grew very large very fast. smells like crazy as well.
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  16. Doogal
    Awesome report and great grow dude. Glad everything worked out spectacularly in the end for you.:pass:
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  17. namvet25
  18. Girlarms
    Hilarious effects review...and an awesome result m rom your first grow...Congrats
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  19. Saint Skinny
    Holy Canole, @Boradan ! You should be VERY proud of yourself. Thats phenomenal for a first harvest, even in DWC! Keep it up, Hombre!!!
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  20. Boradan
    To bring things into perspective. Up until this point, I have only paid for Weed. €25 per g I spent just under €1000 getting this all set up. This lot would have cost me €6875 to BUY I have saved myself almost €6000 (minus the electrical costs of...