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New Showcase Comments

  1. sewerdweller
    Impressive review and even more impressive plant. Great job hope there is some relief for ya in those flowers bro. Take care yourself and thanks for sharing your grow and improving communication between users
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  2. Unique
    Beautiful Job @Slater :d5::pass::drool::slap:
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  3. lunarman
    Good idea to have a pallet in there. That way you can use a forklift or pallet jack to pull out plants for harvesting.
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  4. True_Mako
    I'm going to be adding Mammoth P to my line up with Remo during the flowering phase to help keep the pH stable and the phosphorus / micronutrients available. I highly recommend it. Looking great otherwise! Congrats!
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  5. AutoWonders
    Thats quite a forrest you have growing. It would probably take a couple bottles of water just to make it through and out the other side. And when I get the other side, I sure as hell hope that I don't find out that Earth is flat.
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  6. Sleeveofauto
    Nice write up! I’m loving my auto cobs as well. And the support and service is top notch!
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  7. Ken Hollingum
    Sorry bro, but I"m so new to this, all I've been is a sponge but what is RH?, I've heard of PH of course.
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  8. namvet25
    Huge colas and nice trychome coverage,great job.
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  9. Pops
    great job nice buds:headbang::headbang::headbang::headbang::bow: I have some coming down mon. 72 days
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  10. F.N.
    OUSTANDING the plant looks so healthy Slater you did and amazing job of feeding the plant it show no signs of deficiencies and the fan leaves look beautiful. You are a TOP BIN GROWER
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  11. namvet25
    Great looking plants,great job.
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  12. lunarman
    Wow, those are huge buds. Great review. Lots of detail. Screen shots of Excel tables is always a sign of a good review of nutes. I'm just starting to use Remo myself. I had bought a package deal of tents and lights and it included 4L bottles...
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  13. Mizzo81
    Very nice. I actually put the phone up to my nose to try to smell the grinder. Lmao oh I love Cannabis.
  14. Chong's Cousin
    how many mars 300 leds does your lights amount to,im a newb and am just wondering?
  15. lunarman
    These lights are adjustable. Yes. And unless there is a framed LED matrix that has swivel heads on each light, this is unique to cobshop autocobs. Basically its like this. One ratchet that comes with the cob fixture goes on the mount point on...
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  16. SPZ
    I'm a complete newb, and I just pulled a pound of grade A smoke with 6 Auto Cobbs. That's about 1.4 grams per watt. Nuff said.
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  17. SPZ
    Hey lunarman, thanks for the great review. I too am a newbie and I just pulled a pound of Mephisto Northern Cheese Haze with 330 watts of Autocobs in my first grow. Link to the grow journal in my sig. I've still got a lot to learn, but these...
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  18. Cotton46
    Growing to me is same as in life! In my line of work your only as good as your tool's, I'm new to Growing and not got a ton of experience but when I took my viparspectrem led 300w out and put the two 3500k Autocobs in I noticed a big change in...
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  19. seb56
    I purchased 5 3500k for my 4x4 tent. Have to say, I will never question, is my lighting not good enough. I have had them running for about 2 weeks now and my plants responsed the first couple of days for the better. I was running 1 600watt Mehzi...
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  20. lunarman
    $300 in nutes for one plant? Did you check if that's a world record? Wowzer. I budgeted that much for 6 months myself. Spectacular plant. I'd be happy if 2-3 of my Ultimate's produced that.
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