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New Showcase Comments

  1. Waira
    :drool: :d5: .... those are some fine buds Clix, very nicely done brudda! Got some dry porn? :eyebrows: ... So, her aroma is all sweet/fruits huh, no fuelly nuances? Certainly sounds delish'... Buds formed up really well- :greenthumb:...
      Clix likes this.
  2. neurotree
    Nice review! Dank buds! Can't wait to drop a few now~~!
  3. cwesley32799
    I LOVE my genius pipe! It is so smooth and you don't even realize how big of a hit you just took until you blow out!! I see more of them in my future
  4. Anonymous
  5. 912GreenSkell
    Awesome crystal!! Well done!
      neurotree and Slowmo like this.
  6. St. Tom
    Great review I'm going to be running the full line on my next grow
  7. SMOOTHseven
    i've got 10 Sour Bubbly in coco with advanced nutes
      neurotree and Slowmo like this.
  8. SMOOTHseven
    i"ve got 50 waiting in a pack!!!!!
  9. Dr. Babnik
    I recognized the bud form yesterday! Will grow SB soon!
      neurotree and Slowmo like this.
  10. Mizzo81
    Really nice review. Now I'm looking forward to my beans coming even more. Got some double grape and blue toof. Hope my girls can compare.
      Fairlynew likes this.
  11. comet79
    That plant yielded over 4.5 oz's?! If so, great job! can't actually see any colas on it. Did you prefer dwc over soil?
  12. Slowmo
    More pics
      neurotree likes this.
  13. Slowmo
    DSC_0053a by Slowmo posted Aug 11, 2017 at 3:10 AMDSC_0048b by Slowmo posted Aug 11, 2017 at 3:10 AMDSC_0047a by Slowmo posted Aug 11, 2017 at 3:10 AMDSC_0054a by Slowmo posted Aug 11, 2017 at 3:10 AMDSC_0050a by Slowmo posted Aug 11, 2017 at...
  14. johnp540
    Very nice. Like the colors. Would definitely like the effects.
      Duggy, stedimed and Clix like this.
  15. Fairlynew
    Yours looks so NICE I bought one. Mine is on its way a 15 OZ AFN java mug.
      pop22 likes this.
  16. Nosias
    What a wonderful tool to keep the tri where they belong...in your possession not in the air. Best smoke is the first poke.:woody:
  17. NorwegianGrower
    That is beautiful! Well done getting to this result! I`m currently testing out the same strain together with 3 other autos in a 80x80x160 cm tent. (2,5x2,5 feet). Can`t wait to see the results after seeing these pictures!
      GRODOR and Ripper like this.
  18. Autoseeds.com
    Looks very nice! Is that an Auto or a Photoperiod?
  19. Waira
    :headbang: :clapper::clapper::clapper:-- great nuggies Miss U', and a nice little boosh! :d5: ... thank you for doing this review as well,...:thumbsup:
      NugNoob and MissUniverse like this.
  20. imlovennuggets
    Great job! Nice looking buds and a nice harvest weigh too!
      NugNoob, Waira and MissUniverse like this.