1. It's back for season 2! ... This is one of the most fun, diverse Comp's we run, full of thrills, chills and spills! So slap that helmet on, grab your best beans and start bustin' moves... Boooiiiii! ... just check in with our fab' MC 912GreenSkell.....
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  2. Did you miss the interview with AgriScience Laboratories yesterday?

    Come learn about cannabinoid testing and variance, pesticide/contaminant testing requirements in the state of Colorado, and how state/federal regulations factor into those requirements!

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New Showcase Reviews

  1. MedCzech
    "Looking so sweet and tasty man, nice color too!"
    I really have to get this one going in the garden, she looks sweeet! View Full Review
  2. MedCzech
    "Just a joy to grow. UPDATE! Flavor improving."
    she started to mello out on the pine flavors and transition to a creamy sweet with a hint of pine and spice. View Full Review
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  3. MedCzech
    "Look like some tasty bugs bro!"
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  4. db003
    "second time using my bubblr bowls"
    hey everyone I got some dry ice yesterday on 4th of July when I was out shopping for some t bone steaks for dinner so I busted out my bubble bowls and did some dry ice kief extractions! I started off with 8.8 ounces of some ok trim from my last... View Full Review
  5. Rebel
    "Thanks FN!"
    I appreciate your review my friend! Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you enjoy them all! I appreciate your business and support very much!!! View Full Review
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  6. Eekman
    For us, solventless is the only way we like to dab, or mix with my bud as a bowl topper. Small, compact, and still sits on our counter like the other appliances. As convenient as using your blender, and not as messy. I love the flavor, because... View Full Review