1. It's back for season 2! ... This is one of the most fun, diverse Comp's we run, full of thrills, chills and spills! So slap that helmet on, grab your best beans and start bustin' moves... Boooiiiii! ... just check in with our fab' MC 912GreenSkell.....
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New Showcase Comments

  1. Chong's Cousin
    Finally grew one had great yield but weak potency, was good enough to notice its sativa staying power, didn't make me sleepy even 4 bong loads into session. Made for a great on my way to work style of smoke- Interesting taste,MangoISH light...
  2. Free Flow
  3. MedCzech
    The cure is having a lovely affect on this girl. She I said mellowing and belong a little creamy and more sweet. The Skunk dominance is still there, but the genetics from the Afghan lineage coming through a little more than before. I think this...
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  4. Mossy
    Great Review @Dudeski:pass:
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  5. Mossy
    Lovely Review Root...Thank you for Sharing.........
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  6. Tacoavenger17
    Awesome review, I love the picture with the press next to by the blender. Definitely let's you know scale.
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  7. Wawashell
    What a beautiful addition, I am so jealous. I have been researching these types of presses for a good bit and still haven’t bite the bullet to get one of these setups. So need to, my wife keeps fussing I make her hair smell like buds, lol
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  8. Vapo69
    :smiley1:Dude Top Review:woohoo:I have to say that I am VERY impressed with my AFN Live Stoners T-shirt too.....mine fits great, feels great and looks great..:kiss:..I am definitely positive that this is the BEST top I own and plan to order more...
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  9. lunarman
    How does this unit create enough pressure to squish at say 1500 psi? Is there any hydraulics or pneumatics involved or some sort of manual vice?
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  10. Scalpman
    Looks great, those colas are huge
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  11. Johnsdale075
    I also got 2 of the 3500K autocobs. and my veg is exploding, can't wait till this run is finished to see what they do in bloom. and the customer service is the best i ever had. hands down
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  12. Johnsdale075
    I also have 2 x 3500K Autocobs! first full run with them now, but my veg was exploding!
  13. Flash
    Yooo i want the mephisto cup! Where do i get one?! Hahaha yes i can read but damn thats dope!!
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  14. BII
    Does the unit do decarboxylation? Can the pre-press mode be used with heating in the right temperature range?
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  15. NieborHoodCultivator
  16. krug
    She's a looker bud! :greenthumb::pass:
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  17. NieborHoodCultivator
  18. EsRgood4u
    What was the grow time? I have 5 devil xxl (original seed stores own big devil xl version) growing at the moment and are at week 7.5 now so supposedly by what the breeder states they should only have 1.5 weeks remaining. They are nowhere near as...
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  19. Archaic
    Thats a beautiful plant man, great color.
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  20. namvet25
    Very frosty girl and nicely formed also,great job.:thumbsup:
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