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New Showcase Comments

  1. puffy
    Been out of the game for a fair few years, but it seems like DinaFem reigns supreme. Some of the stuff they put out is amazing. I sure know which breeder I'll be focusing on once I get my new setup up and going.
  2. Greenfingers.not
    I've just cut and dried 2 fruit punch auto from heavyweight. Check out my pictures of my 1st grow massive harvest from 2 plants. I have just cracked 2 fast and vast and 2 stardawg. Both times I've used heavyweight seeds they cracked. I've just...
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  3. Howard marks
    I have 4 of the platinum led's . Only just started using them . Been meaning to speak to someone about these . They are so bloody bright I've bourght a pair of led shades. If that's what I get from each of my girls I'll be more than a happy chap.
  4. BetaGrower
    wow #drool :D I wish mine were that plump
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  5. Archaic
    For those of us not yet familiar with Magic beans could you extrapolate which strains these are? Magic is actually on my list of AFN supporting providers to get some seeds from.
  6. NastyN8t
    Awesome work bro!!!!! This grow has influenced me to try both greenleaf and gwk x bt ( already have cobs)!!!!!
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  7. Tyler_Durden88
    Very distinctive bud structure with this strain. You can pick this plant out of thousands of other plants if you had to. Im cutting another one down today the coco coir increased the yield by maybe 30% and LST helped even more. One of my quickest...
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  8. Jc420bigbud
    Looks awesome good !
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  9. steelcap956
    I might just ditch the hydro idea and get a pot full of dirt instead. I see way better results in soil then in water on all the weed forums
  10. PhatK
    $129? Link to the price? not seeing that on their site. Min is $196 im finding! https://growershouse.com/prism-lighting-science-315w-ceramic-metal-halide-cmh-ballast-philips-bulb-combo-120-240v
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  11. Dabber
  12. VitaMan
    I have to add that this ounce is lasting me. It's potent effect is wonderful, and is an effective painkiller, but it's not an everyday kind of weed. I germed the other seed recently, then put her in soil but she never emerged.
  13. St. Tom
    holy shit shes a beautiful girl
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  14. St. Tom
    nice review i have 5 of these seeds i cant wait to grow her
  15. Dichoti
    I have one of these over my front door. Works pretty well, but loses detail at about 15-20 feet. You get what you pay for, though.
  16. F.N.
    That was a great showcase. They are inexpensive and produce they have some really good features too. And the price WOW.
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  17. Flash
    Yuck looks like i’d od on that hahahahaha!! Pretty color!
  18. hecno
    Very good review , Thank you .
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