1. Growing outdoors this summer? Come join the outdoor photoperiod and autoflower battle of the year, and win some seeds!! Check the Live Battle category, and the Outdoor Auto and Photo battle of the Year 2017 for details!! @912GreenSkell
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  2. Tell it high tell it low..... the winner of the May 2017 Plant of the Month and winner of the May 2017 Nug of the month BOTH win a brand spankin new LED... spread the word and fill the polls.... only 20 entries each dont get left out
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  3. Oh AFN do we have something special in the works for you. Deep in the bowels of the site, where all the growing gets it show on, two of our favorite vendors decided they want a live interview....together... We are going to bring you AFN's first double live interview! Stay tuned for Dates, as well as our two guest stars....
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