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Reputation profile of Son of Hobbes

Reputation profile of Son of Hobbes

nice job
Aw Fawk..I Thought the dead cat was the worst you could get..I was Wrong..
all of the above but raffles always get folks watching for a start in case they win
For the burden an AFN Admin has to carry ;)
This weeks cut... Lmao
well done bro
Hmmm...bit wishy washy...time will tell I suppose.......
Cheers for the Tech Hobbsey...I didn't Think it could happen.
Very cool good for you!
I'm completely onboard with what's best for the forums! :D Good work hobbeseyy! :D
Nice figuring it out without any input. Keep up the great work that you do for AFN
Perhaps a permanent block can be added to the site structure ^_^ "Donate"
Ha ha ha....AFN Uniform.....
Holy Crap.........Nightmare...
Happy Hug Day..have a Dab....