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Auto THC Bomb

Bomb Seeds
Grower Experience
Experienced but not yet expert
I received seeds free through AFN as part of a test grow.
Flowering Indoors
55 days in flower, 76 days overall
52 grams
Photo THC Bomb crossed with Auto Bomb
Christmas tree shaped with good node spacing allowing excellent light penetration. Height 34"
Aromatic Bouquet
A sweet, floral aroma
Fat solid flowers that broke down to oversized nuggets.
Vegetative/Cloning Period
She showed her sex at day 21.
Growing Tips
An easy plant to grow. Seeds arrived fresh and germinated quickly. Running COB's, she required more Cal/Mag and dialing in the correct dosage took a couple of mixtures to get right.

Genetic Review details

After a month of jarred cure, uncapping brings pleasant hints of flowers with earthy overtones. The first taste was what the odor promised. It will take a more refined palate than mine to identify the wonderful first taste components that even a connoisseur will consider well worth his time.
The high comes in a growing body wave rather than rush. 2 hits were enough to handle my arthritis pain and settle my Parkinson related tremors.

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Bomb Seeds
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