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HSO Fast Version Green Crack

Sativa / Indica Ratio
Sativa Dominate
Grower Experience
Flowering Indoors
56 days in flower indoors
Flowering Outdoors
50 days
975 grams outdoors and 76 grams indoors
Green Crack x Auto?
Medium size bush sativa in structure
Aromatic Bouquet
super fruity like grape and citric
The plant actually had sativa and indica shaped flowers on it.
Vegetative/Cloning Period
The plant originally vegged for 50 days then went outside when I transplanted it outside it started to flower then it revegged
Growing Tips
Do not start early if you plan to go outside with them they are finiky to the light changes and flower very easily. I had no issues indoors with them.

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HSO Fast Green Crack what can I say its super tasty and kinda an easy grow. Outdoors caused me some issues and I hated on the plant for most of the season but she eventually made me eat my words and she kicked out a pretty nice yield for me. This was my first year ever with the FV'S outside or anywhere for that matter. I cant say this one was the best ever or that HSO hit the nail on the head but I will give them credit for making a very nice and fast smoke out of the green crack. I had 3 way different phenotypes and the indoor v outdoor was no competition the outdoor was the sure winner with terps flavor aroma and buzz along with the yield.
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