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Kalashnikov Seeds-Russian Blueberry Auto

Genetic Review details

-SeedBank :Kalashnikov Seeds
-Strain: Russian Blueberry Auto
-Did it autoflower?: Yes
-Soil/hydro: Soil/Peat/Coco/Bark mixed
-Nutes: ATA Leaves, ATA Max, ATAzyme, ATA silic boost, ATA Biobloombastic, AN Voodoo Juice, AN Bud Candy, AN Nirvana
-Light (kind and schedule): Migro 120watt Aray on 19/5 veg and 18/6 flower.
-From seed to harvest date: 56 days
-Dry Yield: 48g per sq ft/plant (4 plants in 2x2)

This has very sturdy and leveled out genetics. Used some ice bottles in the final couple of weeks to bring out the amazing purples.
It’s very easy to grow and on a nutrient hungry scale of 1-5 with 5 being the most nutes required it sits about 3.
perfect for LST or SOG.
Finished within the time specified by seed bank.
It’s a positive smoke with uplift.
It has a taste and aroma of berries, sour cherry and some citrus.
THC levels on the higher side around 16% and has about 3% CBD.
It’s tight and compact with nice internodal spacing which made it perfect for my “keep them low and compact, 1 plant per square ft” style.
It is a cross between blue berry and ruderalis and has 10/20/70 % Ruderalis/Sativa/Indica.
seemed very tough and resistant and I would recommend for beginner or more advanced.
very nice and well rounded strain.
Overall on all aspects from Genetics to Aroma/Taste to ease of grow to appearance to overall quality it’s gets:
8/10 stars. It’s an A

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