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One hitter/Bat

Smoking Accessories and Vaporizers details

Hopefully everyone know's what I'm talking about, it's a small chillum type pipe the size of a cigarette, sometimes smaller as well.

Pros: portable, little to no waste, some what stealth.

Cons: Harsh to smoke, gets hot after repeated use (when using metal ones), taste is also not very good.

If anyone else has something to add please feel free :D :peace:

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Latest reviews

  • Glass ones that are thick are smoother than metal counterparts
  • Glass ones that are thick heat up slower
  • Can be dropped and stepped on to crush it in emergency
  • Highly portable
  • Glass ones can sometimes spit liquid resin in mouth
  • Must be kept clean
  • Easily lost
  • Might suck through towards end of smoking sessions
I've owned a lot of these. Some are great, others not so much. The good ones tend to be medium in length [cig size] and thick [not as thick as a cigar].
I like these because if on a hike or in public - in an emergency- you can toss them very far or drop and crush brush away and it looks like broken glass not a broken pipe. Buy a plain looking one - no silver flakes etc you always want to be thinking about emergencies.

Thanks and love yall folks.
  • Stealthy fast to use
  • hard to keep clean plug up
Back in the day the bat and box were popular. I use to kick them out on the lathe with brass stock.
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