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  • We're looking for grower submissions for any autoflowers that they have had tested by a lab or using a home testing device. The idea is to create a grouping of tests that we can use a resource to show growers (both new and experienced) what kind of cannabinoids and terpenes some of the strains we're growing are testing out with!

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weedstar double bubbler

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just wanted to give props to weedstar for this bubbler, it has the 18.8 joint size and the one i used that my freind has has a tripple arm slit hole diffuser in it (they now put a daisy diffuser into it). for attachments he has the weedstar carbon system adaptor and the big bowl that came with it. the hit is so smooth you have to becarefull and watch how big of a hit you take. he added theese lil glass marbles at the bottom of the second tube and then put it in the fridge for a few added...

weedstar double bubbler

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