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  1. hecno

    Hecno's on going organics

    :woohoo1: :woohoo1: :woohoo1: :woohoo1: Rain Rain :biggrin: . Ok this grow I am mucking around --- SIZE --- I have Big Bud x AK107 --- at 7 days old and in a week or so I will seed a Blackberry Gum x Big Bud and . Now these seeds and others crosses I have turned up in the mail . I am not sure...
  2. hecno

    Jraven's Alaska Summer 2019

    Stunning mate . :thumbsup:
  3. hecno

    Smokeys Grow 4 - Summer Grow 2019/2020

    :woohoo1::woohoo1::woohoo1: :cheers: :smoking: :biggrin: :thumbsup: This is going to be interesting with the summer we are going to have . :pop: Ps , at least you can keep the grasshoppers out . :rofl:
  4. hecno

    VOTE NOW! Zamnesia Champion of the Year 2019!

    Good luck guys , all awesome plants . :thumbsup:
  5. hecno

    My Second Grow - 5 strains - autumn early winter harvest - Australia

    Looking good mate , Hows the heat down your way , Bloody hot and very dry up my way . :thumbsup:
  6. hecno

    120 x 60 tent + 3 Big autos good idea?

    I'll start with some photos , 120 by 130 at 200 high . 450 watt cobs , aircon - dehumidifier - Temp Range 23c to 26c at 50 % humidity . Big Bud -- Blackberry Gum - Autos . Big Bud on her own . Dry weight -- 204 grams -- 250 grams [ Big Bud ] -- Room and light play a big factor ...
  7. hecno

    Take the Boveda Challenge!

    :biggrin: :clapper::thumbsup:
  8. hecno

    Getting close little help Many Thanks

    You have all good a replies here , But it is up to you the type of high you want , I often take them at different times depending the effect I want , It really is a individual choice . :thumbsup:
  9. hecno

    New grower

    Well done mate . great grow . :thumbsup::clapper::clapper::clapper:
  10. hecno

    Hecno's on going organics

    [email protected]#$%$n Kids and grasshoppers . One simple thing I asked him to do , water the seedlings for me -- while I went away for 2 days to a mates 60 th -- . Which he did do and knows how to do it . That was not the problem , leaving the god dam door open was . :cuss:This time of year is very dry and...
  11. hecno

    The love shack!

    Great yarn mate . :smoking: :thumbsup:
  12. hecno

    Hecno's on going organics

    Ok trend setters :biggrin: here we go again , but this time direct to soil as this is how I like to do it . Never again paper towels . 7 strains in 18 liter pots . First up 3 GSC that @Waira kindly sent me . :thumbsup: and mate Photos not a option at the moment plus it is a very hot summer down...
  13. hecno

    Anyone from Australia handy with wiring. Fan with two red wires.

    Get a plug and connect 1 wire to neg and 1 to pos and see what happens . The blades will go one way or the other , if going the wrong way , just change the wires over . The worst you can do is blow it up . :biggrin: :thumbsup:
  14. hecno

    Hecno's on going organics

    What a massive fail . Buggered if I know what went wrong :shrug: . I have done paper towel a number of times and never had a problem . The only thong I can think of is the paper towels , what happened was I had run out of the ones I use and She who must be obeyed had some home brand ones [ cheap...
  15. hecno

    Hecno's on going organics

    Just have to put this here so I remember . :smoking: :thumbsup: