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  1. Beach_Town_Brit

    Linda Semilla (

    Thanks Daxxor, in a perfect world I should do that ... but for two seeds it's not worth my effort (or theirs, clearly). However, I do feel it is worth my effort to report my experience with them here :) I may order again at some point, and if at that time they see me right then I'll report it...
  2. Beach_Town_Brit

    Linda Semilla (

    Heard back from Linda-seeds, got an apology but that's it. They've offered to add the missing freebie seeds to my next order ... but of course that requires me to make another order. It was a small order, only 20 seeds or so, as such "losing" 2 promised freebies is a 10% loss for me -- this...
  3. Beach_Town_Brit

    Linda Semilla (

    Prices are good for sure :)
  4. Beach_Town_Brit

    Linda Semilla (

    I received my first order from Linda-seeds today. Shipping took about 2 weeks from my order date which seems pretty good. Seeds are all in original packing and seem genuine. Seems crazy that an Englishman living in California has to order his California-made FastBuds seeds from Spain, but I'm...
  5. Beach_Town_Brit

    Weird issue with meph seeds.

    I've been growing Mephisto almost exclusively for a number of years now. My germination rate has typically been in the high 90s percentile. It has been rare for me to have a Mephisto bean not pop. I'm with @BISCUITS that Mephisto is still #1 in the auto game :) However, I did recently try to...
  6. Beach_Town_Brit

    Need a couple of options of strains for sedative effect at night & sativa for day

    Blue Toof is my new favorite indica dominant, lovely relaxing body high.
  7. Beach_Town_Brit

    Beary White

    Great review, the dankness of my Beary White's odor really became super apparent after the full 4 week cure. The nugs seemed to just change overnight. I only wish we hadn't smoked all our so quickly.
  8. Beach_Town_Brit

    New Mephisto Artisanal Drop!

    I'm gonna need a bigger tent. I haven't even managed to grow out all the Illuminautos yet! Samsquanch OG may finally be the reason to subscribe to swearnet for a weekend ;)
  9. Beach_Town_Brit

    Mephisto genetics customer service/feedback thread!

    I grew two Toofs side by side. #1 was crazy energetic at first, literally sprinted into flower but this meant she stunted and was kinda small, 68 days I think and she was showing maybe 20% amber. Her big sister, though a little slower off the mark, will get harvested this weekend at 79 days. #1...
  10. Beach_Town_Brit

    Mephisto genetics customer service/feedback thread!

    I just harvested my first Blue Toof, I bought it in the hopes of a good bedtime strain. It's only had about a week of cure so far but we tried it. Great indica traits, lovely body stone, very relaxing, I would guess it'll be a great anti-anxiety strain but hard to say so early. The nose on it is...
  11. Beach_Town_Brit

    Grow Journals for the Attentionally Challenged

    Thanks @Seabass, my Beary just hit its 4 week cure and by gawd it's Dank @Arsenal cliff notes indeed, a grow journal for the instagram generation ;) It's just about 2 weeks into cure right now, just starting to get its nose, very pine fresh but hopefully some more bubblegum will come through.
  12. Beach_Town_Brit

    Grow Journals for the Attentionally Challenged

    Sour Bubbly Cush was a lovely little plant. She grew much like Sour Bubbly but on a smaller scale.
  13. Beach_Town_Brit

    Mephisto genetics customer service/feedback thread!

    @grgazzels I have a couple of Blue Toof's going, about day 35 right now. I'll do a full post when they've finished up. I seem to have 2 different phenos, either that or my training regime affected the plants very differently. One shot off the mark and was flowering within a couple of weeks, this...
  14. Beach_Town_Brit

    Grow Journals for the Attentionally Challenged

    Thanks GG and Treeman Here's a few more details on my grow: 3 gal fabric pots, Canna nute system for coco light feed schedule, 2x4 tent split into three stages for perpetual monthly harvest, veg area of tent has roleandro 5w chip full spectrum, mid flower and late flower sections share a P300...
  15. Beach_Town_Brit

    Topping AvT?

    I've got some AVT special pheno, I'll definitely be topping them when I run them (maybe next month, Gold Glue just went in). I top all my autos. Around day 12-14 I strip node #1 and top after node #3. This has never truly stunted growth for me I don't think. If anything an early top like this...
  16. Beach_Town_Brit

    Grow Journals for the Attentionally Challenged

    Hi everyone, still lurking :) Beary White is my second Mephisto strain, still curing but we've enjoyed some already, very nice.
  17. Beach_Town_Brit

    illuminautos drop #3! All info here.

    Got mine yesterday, dropped two BlueToofs and a "cheese hound" in peat pellets this morning after an overnight soak. Onwards and upwards. Thanks so much Mephisto, we had a lovely weekend smoking Sour Bubbly (my first Mephisto harvest) and now I'm a dedicated follower.
  18. Beach_Town_Brit

    No. 21 - 30

    Still waiting on my beans, I think Blue Toof or Creme Bubbly will be my first planting.
  19. Beach_Town_Brit

    Best Size Airpot?

    I like 3 gallon fabric pots too. When the ladies are drinking heavily the pots are big enough that you only need to water once a day, but at the same time they're small enough that when the plants are young or slow you're not waiting a week for the pot to dry out to at least 50%. I also like the...
  20. Beach_Town_Brit

    Hi ... and the shortest grow journal ever -- Sour Bubbly

    totally cool, what we're here for :pass: