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  1. forestly

    How much water to flush out coco?

    I use RO water and it takes ca 3-6 drops of pH down to get it to my sweetspot 5.8. But in that case my EC stays the same.. 0.0. Maybe on ppm level it will show but those changes are pretty minute. But all in all @Lizardking is right - no need for additional minerals in flushing phase. So you can...
  2. forestly

    How much water to flush out coco?

    most of the books recommend triple the size of the pot. So if you have a 4 gallon pot then 12 gallons of flushing water is needed.
  3. forestly

    How much water to flush out coco?

    in my opinion the most precise way is to measure the runoff with EC ja pH meter. Test pH and EC in and pH and EC out of the pot (measure water pH and EC before and after flushing). The difference of initial water parameters and runoff will tell you the story.
  4. forestly

    What nutes are you using.?

    Advanced Nutrients (coco) :)
  5. forestly

    How much should I expect

    20-30g maybe (including fluff) but you second wave of flowers seems not happened yet, so it depends how you finish off flowering. I would suggest a little more P and K in the flowering, :)
  6. forestly

    Kind Led

    i finished my project with 3x Kind LED XL750 and for now i like it over HPS setup.
  7. forestly

    Trip's New Autopot Run

    subbed, very interesting :)
  8. forestly

    trichromes viewing tool

    Usually the lowest costing option is a magnifying loupe, the bigger you can get the easier to see the trichomes. Harvesting should be done after examining trichomes color (the bulb looking head). To my knowledge nobody looks at the stalks of the trichomes, since they do not contain THC, the...
  9. forestly

    BudmasterLED COB-9 Yay or nay?

    I have searched around and watched all the video reviews i could find. But what do you - LED gurus think? Thanks for ya vote! LED's: 108 x Osram COB Coverage: 120 x 120cm Energy Used: 450w Input Voltage: 100 - 240v Frequency: 50 - 60 hz Current: 600ma Voltage: 70v Amps: 1.69...
  10. forestly

    bovida 72%

    Boveda my friends, Boveda :pass:
  11. forestly

    Budmaster GOD9 vs Budmaster COB9

    Thanks @BigSm0 but can you chime in on COB vs LED discussion. You clearly prefer COB but why are they so superior to conventional LED? As i understand COB-s are better in CRI and efficiency of light wats vs heat wats. I guess the broad question would be: is CRI value more important or as...
  12. forestly

    Budmaster GOD9 vs Budmaster COB9

    yeah, i checked @BigSm0 products but the problem is they are in US :D (already considered trying them) and i reside across the pond. @BigSm0 can you chime in? :) :pass:
  13. forestly

    Budmaster GOD9 vs Budmaster COB9

    thank you so much for your input. But if possible could you please elaborate on why you think i should switch from "burple" LED to white COB? (I have played with Mars Hydro panels, GN HS1, Kind LED and now want to try out Budmaster)
  14. forestly

    Budmaster GOD9 vs Budmaster COB9

    Hello my fellow green friends! I am buying a new panel and i thought asking other professionals about what they think. I am considering trying out Budmaster brand and have read about their panels but i still would like second, third and even fourth opinion :) Ok, here we go. PAR wise, the GOD...
  15. forestly


    lol @ 420$ it is like the Bluelab monitor flashes 4.20. Love the shoutout for stoners :D
  16. forestly

    Help! need a soil PH probe, which one ?

    I thought the same once :) since then i have bought over the years several cheaper ones and all in all i have paid more for the cheaper ones than one Bluelab. Bluelab is good investment, if you are serious about growing by numbers (temp, EC, ph, CO2, VPD). :pass:
  17. forestly

    Help! need a soil PH probe, which one ?

    Bluelab is the best i have found so far.
  18. forestly

    Nirvana seeds... get ya shit together

    Dinafem for me! Dutch Passion are one of the best too :)