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  • Well, we're still working on things and I imagine we'll see some bugs, some breaking, and things that need to get fixed. We'll start on the most critical things first and work our way down. We're still installing add-on's and squaring away some licensing stuff, but feel free to browse the board and we'll update everyone on when things are added, restored, or otherwise changed.
  1. TreyDogg

    Connoisseurs box

    I have a old paperpbox from the office that i fill with jars of the good. I have one big jar for Cannagars, once I wrap leaves around them I store them in it with a bovada pack. I would like a real humidor for the Cannagars though, it would look player.
  2. TreyDogg

    Mephisto genetics customer service/feedback thread!

    Accidentally label the jars incorrectly. Now call your favorite lowrider#1.
  3. TreyDogg

    Mephisto genetics customer service/feedback thread!

    Just make a new order and pay for it. It's no big deal, had to do it myself.
  4. TreyDogg

    Is a 2.2 gal autopot too much for a 2x2x4 tent? (and other Qs)

    I've used the dual pot autopots in a 2x2x4 gets pretty full but I pulled it off got more then 4 zones. You need fans blowing from top to bottom as no real air movement. It can be done but is it the way I'd advise one to grow all the time no. Get a 2*4 if you can.
  5. TreyDogg

    Indoor Grow Autopot Experiments!!

    Yeah they do cost good money so understood. Those look good too, almost done. My current grow is 3 girls in a 2x4. They went in the pots 8/8-8/10. I think I want to get a quantum board to add more light.
  6. TreyDogg

    EU Canada Only [organic nutes] autopot

    MC will work for you. You still need to hand feed for a few weeks with autopots at the start. So you're not completely free of that. Also MC is not completely organic, I remember the guy saying it has like one thing in it that makes it not completely organic. I don't remember what it was...
  7. TreyDogg

    Autopots and Live Soil

    I tried that organic living soil. You can buy it on eBay or Amazon they have one for autos and one for photos. I could not recommend either. They start well but can't finish. Plants got lighter and lighter in color. And they just didn't grow that good. Honestly I'm not sure they wouldn't...
  8. TreyDogg

    Indoor Grow Autopot Experiments!!

    I use close to the same setup as you and grow big girls all day. I have one dual pot and one single. I have cobs and they work way better than the blurple light FYI. As far as airstones I threw out the one autopots sells and use the long black flexible kind you see in fish tanks. I buy the...
  9. TreyDogg

    Indoor Grow [FAILED]Bluetoof Special (BTS) DWC

    I got a QP off my BTS. Mega crop, autopots, and cobs. Nothing to special to do it. Great smoke to. Running white crack, double grape, and zittles now. Hopefully will get similar results.
  10. TreyDogg

    Indoor Grow Mephisto Farm Update

    Hard times man. They suck. Wish y'all well. I'm growing seed from last black Friday sale. Will place site order to help my boys out at full price. Y'all look out so I'll look out too.
  11. TreyDogg

    Freebies from the Summer Sale

    I don't know but I think beary white was already 3bogxwalter white. Can't see them going back to cross with a parent strain. I ain't got a better idea so maybe you're right.
  12. TreyDogg

    Indoor Grow Illuminauto freebies?

    So is this sale gonna happen this year?
  13. TreyDogg

    Forgotten cookies day 72

    Looks good and ready to me.
  14. TreyDogg

    Next Sale ??

    Guess I wasn't that worried about stickers. I am wondering if this issue will have effect on the Illuminauto drop. Isn't that normally around the corner from now?
  15. TreyDogg

    Leaf Mutation

    Happens. You wind up with a variety at the end. Most normal some may look different like that but not big deal. Mainly look for deficiency not so much leaf uniformity.
  16. TreyDogg

    Mephisto genetics customer service/feedback thread!

    Kill the weaker one or wait for it to die.
  17. TreyDogg

    Hanging cob light

    I want to make a cob pendant light. I haven't done this or found any good video's on youtube to help me try. I've found the hbg drivers on mouser but not sure what one to get. I want a 1818 citizen dimmable light. I can build it, and I can buy whats needed. I just need some guidance along...
  18. TreyDogg

    Mephisto genetics customer service/feedback thread!

    I grew cdlc it is stinky but carbon filter will take care of that issue.
  19. TreyDogg

    420 Sale Update

    Oh no not bitcoin nnnoooooooooooo!!!! Seriously though hopefully they look at the bitcoin setup most seed companies use like Gorilla seeds and herbies. Still great to see em back up and going.