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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Arsenal

    Blue Dragons

    Looking good Brother, good luck with finishing and moving.
  2. Arsenal

    Indoor Grow Mephisto Farm Update

    Mitch, Thanks for the update, I knew at some point you would address the situation publicly, that’s just how you roll. I look forward to the future for Mephisto and getting some of those Pink Panama beans! Good to hear from you.
  3. Arsenal

    Tobe's test and breeding ground

    That’s going to be massive in a months time! Happy growing! :pighug:
  4. Arsenal

    Trident special.

    Nice report, nice job, stellar all around. I have one going right now in a one gallon pot and it is filling it up! Doesn’t seem to be too fussy about what she eats, flowers galore and she is only five weeks in. Thanks for the info about how long until she is finished, couldn’t find that...
  5. Arsenal


    I realize this is an old thread but I just placed an order and used “autoflowerpower69” and didn’t have any issues. I have ordered from Biotabs in the past and everything went fine. The reason I continue to order from them is that their products work! I will post again here when the package...
  6. Arsenal

    Chemdogging 90 days

    Very nice! Mine is at day 66 and I’m seeing no amber trichs so I’m sure I have at least two weeks to go. She just seems to add to the bud size and has a very sweet smell and sticky as hell! Thanks for sharing, you’ve done well.
  7. Arsenal

    Mephisto Germ-tech, a quick guide!

    Just curious, if you had a 100% germination rate, why would you change? What is your method for germinating seeds, at 100% success rate I want to try that. Cheers.
  8. Arsenal

    Completed Current Live Stoner Gossip October 2018

    Right back attcha @bushmasterar15 :pass:
  9. Arsenal

    Blue Dream Auto

    We are now near the end, these will most likely get chopped this weekend, staring to amber up!!
  10. Arsenal


    Thanks, the order that showed up is an order I placed before the BF sale. No worries, hope it all works out for you.
  11. Arsenal


    Under my account on the website it shows my four orders the first shows complete, not sure what that means since I haven’t received the package, second order says pending even though Coinbase says complete and order three and four say processing. The entire update system needs a revamp imho...
  12. Arsenal


    Well I fall under the Second column and have sent you at least three emails with confirmation from Coinbase but have yet to hear anything, even an acknowledgment that you received my inquiry. Dylan was correct, the times they are a changing.
  13. Arsenal

    Mephisto Black Friday 2018

    24 Carat is some good herb, I’m lucky to have jar full of it, awesome buzz!
  14. Arsenal

    Mephisto Black Friday 2018

    Yep. Tony is a good guy, he answered my sample request while he was at a convention and I received the sample with no issues. All sounds good about their product and their vision. I will be using them for my next few grows to see how it works - so far so good.
  15. Arsenal

    Mephisto Black Friday 2018

    My FC is at day 61 and I was just thinking she has about two weeks or a little more, she is packing on the bulk now. I’m now using the Enhanced MC and Flower Booster and I swear I see a difference since starting, 1 application! :pighug:
  16. Arsenal

    Mephisto Black Friday 2018

    Most likely they are from past Illuminauto drops. The old website had descriptions of all the retired strains but the new site doesn’t so I’m not sure where you can get this info @mephisto - any help?
  17. Arsenal

    Mephisto Black Friday 2018

    I paid via Bitcoin and received a payment confirmation a little while later but the website seemed to have some issues. Growing pains most likely and all will be sorted out. Best seed company in the biz imho.
  18. Arsenal

    Are autoCObbs worth it?

    Yes, I use exhaust fan with carbon filter attached, natural draft for air intake, three fans inside for circulation. I’m using 2 gallon pots but am going to switch to 1 gallon, testing that with current grow seems to be fine. I hand water, use a humidifier and add notes about once a week. I...
  19. Arsenal

    Are autoCObbs worth it?

    I want the plants to stay small, my usage is much lower than what I produce.
  20. Arsenal

    Are autoCObbs worth it?

    I have mixed feelings about COB lighting. My grow tent is 2’x2.5’x5’ and I run 4 Citizen CLU048 1212 200 watts total and I’m getting about an ounce per plant. My reservation is that they do increase the temperature in the tent by 10-13 degree F when on even though people try to say otherwise...