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  • Well, we're still working on things and I imagine we'll see some bugs, some breaking, and things that need to get fixed. We'll start on the most critical things first and work our way down. We're still installing add-on's and squaring away some licensing stuff, but feel free to browse the board and we'll update everyone on when things are added, restored, or otherwise changed.
Cannabis Seeds
  1. BigSm0 Bigsm0 and the cob addiction

    Hate to come across as ungrateful or that I’m upset about the changes. I can’t imagine the time or money it cost to do this. It will take time to get used to. I think the guys who spend a lot of time here Or the ones who made the forum are able to get around the differences much easier. For...
  2. BigSm0 Bigsm0 and the cob addiction

    I am 100% with you. My patience isn’t what it once was. Luckily I stumbled across the settings. You hit alerts and down bottom is settings Can’t tap on it with an iPhone or the bottom bar comes up and blocks it. The blue test in my opinion is horrible. When I try loading a picture...
  3. BigSm0 Bigsm0 and the cob addiction

    I just realized there are different formats/versions on afn. I’m now on the old style and happy as can be. Back to loving afn again.
  4. BigSm0

    Lights due any minute

    Patience is key. I used to stress over my plants progress at certain points. It’s taken a long time to get past it and now I just wait patiently till the end. These pictures look great. I don’t think you have anything to worry about and it seems like they have plenty of time left. They will...
  5. BigSm0 Bigsm0 and the cob addiction

    I hope I dont upset anyone off but I can’t stand the new afn. For me it’s become very hard To maneuver. Got an afn sale coming this weekend. I wanted to do it sooner but have had my hands full. One of the things was a long holiday weekend. Close enough to home where I managed to skip out and...
  6. BigSm0 Dabbers MEGA RUN

    locked and loaded.
  7. BigSm0

    Lights due any minute

    Definitely a nutrient related issue. Either PH is to high or to low causing a lockout. Could also be over feeding. Every plant is different which is a royal pain in the ass. One could be fine while another is dying from to much or to little. I’d try and reduce the feed come next grow and see...
  8. BigSm0 Growage Life with GC

    Have a great trip! Hopefully the rain holds off and the temps stay up. A few months ago I took my 2 kiddos to Santa’s village and last year we went to story land up in NH. Every time I leave I spend a week after searching for reasonably priced listings. Such a beautiful place. Enjoy!!
  9. BigSm0 CobShop picture thread Bring on the beauty!

    Few beautiful shots
  10. BigSm0 Growage Life with GC

    Sad times. Sorry to hear about Rolo. Your new pup is a beauty and should definitely help with the loss. Can’t imagine losing my little Romeo. He just turned 10 years old and has been the best
  11. BigSm0 Dabbers MEGA RUN

    Happy your back! I just called your girl T.. she is sending you those cobs in a container barge. Should be there by x-mas
  12. BigSm0 Bigsm0 and the cob addiction

    Still trying to figure out how this new afn works. Man I have loads of seeds that aren’t labeled. They just end up falling out of a bag or I forget to label a seed tube.
  13. BigSm0 Single Autocob Grow (2x2x4)

    Absolutely amazing plant you have here. Great Job!!
  14. BigSm0 Bigsm0 and the cob addiction

    Did a little late night trimming. No clue what the strain is yet but it’s definitely a dense frosty one. Having a hard time with getting anything to germinate. Not sure if my soil is contaminated but nothings working at all. Soaked, paper towel, direct to the pot. Supply is getting very low.
  15. BigSm0 Dabbers MEGA RUN

    @Dabber. Did you make it on? User still shows active. Just seems like a few messages disappeared
  16. BigSm0

    Lights due any minute

    Perfect! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Sorry for the delays. Trying to figure the new afn out.
  17. BigSm0

    Indoor Grow Street outlaws in ohio this weekend !!

    Lucky you. This is the best show ever aired. Well besides monster garage. I’d love to meet these guys.
  18. BigSm0 CobShop picture thread Bring on the beauty!

    Had a blast the other day with a local. Only took a day to get his lights together and made a time to help him set up the space. With all the hps and cmh lights in there the addition made such an amazing impact. Not only did they boost the intensity and change the overall spectrum the dark...
  19. BigSm0 Bigsm0 and the cob addiction

    Not sure if you guys use the waze app. It’s saved my ass numerous times. If you don’t have it get it!! When you drive just tap the app icon and swipe out of it. You’ll be surprised when it alerts you of a cop ahead. Saved me from most tolls and cut 4 hours off my trucks gps time. It found...
  20. BigSm0 Bigsm0 and the cob addiction

    Just a 5.7 liter but the tires and wheels kill the mpg’s.