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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Gatorbackbob

    Noob's first grow AKR

    Not for nothing bro, I really do appreciate your feedback!
  2. Gatorbackbob

    Noob's first grow AKR

    3 years ago lmao! But hey man, I appreciate you dropping by though! Thanks for the input! I learn something valuable every run, never stop learning!
  3. Gatorbackbob

    Let's ride the Fantasmo Express!

    And that's from seed to weed 6/9
  4. Gatorbackbob

    Let's ride the Fantasmo Express!

    Outside of using a living organic soil and feeding water only, the simplest efficient way i've used was 6ml flora micro and 9ml flora bloom in a gallon of tap water, using coco, I don't even check ph, but I'm not saying that's a good thing lol I just know by checking a few random times it...
  5. Gatorbackbob

    Let's ride the Fantasmo Express!

    Hi lexi, I just followed the feed schedule supplied from house and garden when my sample kit came in, the hg line works great but im not a fan of using a lot of bottles, I would recommend the 6/9 gh lucas formula if you like using salts, works great, great yields too
  6. Gatorbackbob

    DinaMed Auto CBD Now Out!

    @Dinafem-Mark I just ordered a pack from seedsman, I'll throw some pics up here whenever I start one
  7. Gatorbackbob

    Micro grow 3 weeks into flower Neeed help

    You can use either vinegar, or lemon juice to lower ph of your water
  8. Gatorbackbob

    First run with portal gear 4 way mini SOG

    Thanks bro! I didn't weigh these as they were used as breeding stock to make the gatorback blues, moonstone is excellent, very fruity, sati dom high but very decent pain management qualities. Sour blues was a very sedative indica, funky flavors of sour skunky milk and berries, dry smoke...
  9. Gatorbackbob

    Proph enters the Portal

    Almach is lovely, she's an easy grower, there are some mutations to her but nothing drastic like herming, mine was variegated, and had double branching at every other node. High is excellent, very sativa dom, social smoke and pretty long lasting! Main cola dominant plant, lots of different...
  10. Gatorbackbob

    Current Live Stoner Gossip Feb..March..April 2018

    Still at work lol That's the gold glue, 11 inch tall plant gave me 11 oz wet
  11. Gatorbackbob

    Mephisto genetics customer service/feedback thread!

    So the promo pack with 1 seed of each of the 4 strains costs 76.00 after the discount? Or is that a typo?
  12. Gatorbackbob

    Home made box

    The vipar 450 is a 200w light by the way, that's 200w total with both veg and bloom on, the only issue you are going to have is that tub is going to get into the mid 90s or hotter with no top extraction fan
  13. Gatorbackbob

    Home made box

    My tent is 16"x16"x38"and my vipar 450 sits 14 inches above the canopy with both switches on, you're going to battle very high temps but it's not too much light at all
  14. Gatorbackbob

    Solo Cup Grows

    You will want a very low odor strain if you are trying to be very stealth about it, out of what I've grown I'd say the lowest odor would be probably mephisto genetics fantasmo express
  15. Gatorbackbob

    Solo Cup Grows

    No difference in odor, in fact, sometimes the smaller plants will stink more than larger ones. The plants usually finish faster in solo cups in my experience, but the smell is still predominant.
  16. Gatorbackbob

    Solo cup grow battle

    Lsd25 harvest day 63 @Ash-a-Ton @bushmasterar15 This has to be the most airy strain I've ever seen lol.