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Cannabis Seeds
  1. SparkyRU12

    The love shack!

    Just a few pics of the drying setup we made. The hanging rack I posted earlier. This is a nice 110v hi Velocity fan which I attached to a platform stand. Cut and folded under a flap and ran like this for 24hrs. Then closed the flaps and let the fan blow onto the bag for two days while it sat...
  2. SparkyRU12

    The love shack!

    Good day AFN!! 46 days with the Green Crack and man o man what a smell she’s got. Just feed her MC,BE,SC and a shot of Multi Total and we are pushing thru the flower stage. Check out this stacking:headbang: The Hawaiian Skunk is at 62%rh thanks to Boveda. She weighed in at 53gm. A few...
  3. SparkyRU12

    Indoor Grow Wawashell’s Sweet Seeds Creme Caramel Auto

    Don’t mind if I do:smoking:always late to the party!!
  4. SparkyRU12

    Music: What Are You Listening To? Volume 5

    Interesting! My vids are the only ones to play for me. Guess there’s more work to do:smoking:
  5. SparkyRU12

    Bruce Banner #3 Auto

    Happy girls! :dancer::dancer: :pass:
  6. SparkyRU12

    The love shack!

    Thnx guys!! Wish I could grow weed as well as I play with my wood!! :crying::pass:
  7. SparkyRU12

    The love shack!

    Hawaiian skunk has been chopped!!!! Made a rack to hang may wares. This fits perfectly into the leaf bags I bought made a small stand and attached the fan. The buds are not that dense but smell amazing. This pic is three days into drying. And the GC is in pre flower. Waiting on the stretch!!!
  8. SparkyRU12

    The love shack!

    Thnx for stopping by @woody this has been one hell of an experience so far and more to come. Woodworking and guitars?!?!?? How about a bird house or two by yours truly:cheers: Everything is hand made(even the dice).. :smoking:
  9. SparkyRU12

    Indoor Grow Auto Zkittlez by Seedsman DWC

    Look at them legs!!!:drool:
  10. SparkyRU12

    Live Stoner Eats 2019

    Oh and wish I took more pics of my dinner at Man of Kent in Hoosick Falls NY. Amazing food guys!!! I had a Johnny B burger. This thing was stacked topped with an over easy egg!! Sucks I didn’t think of a pic but I did get this little gem!! Rare seared Tuna with Sesame seeds and a great chutney...
  11. SparkyRU12

    Live Stoner Eats 2019

    Whipped up a little breakfast Sunday morning and just getting to post it up here for y’all. Figured I’d post both plates to show consistency :d5: We have an onion and mushroom omelette with two slices of provolone. Sour dough toast and good ole sausage links. Miss Sparky sampled the toast right...
  12. SparkyRU12

    Woodys dinafem run

    Kickin ass and takin names:jump: Nice job right there @woody