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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Red eyed c

    TaNgs Auto Durban Poison.

    Sounds awesome mate :drool: Look forward to a vape report on flavour after crop & cure bro.. Its another banger from DP..
  2. Red eyed c

    TaNgs Auto Durban Poison.

    Wicked fatness's the pong on them?
  3. Red eyed c

    What is 9 band

    Iv moved the thread from the led review section, to the general led section buddy [emoji106]
  4. Red eyed c

    Led review ASTIR ASL24gp

    Thanks for submitting your review mate..awesome job :Sharing One: :slap:
  5. Red eyed c

    My New LAZY man Organic TLO...

    Iv never used it buddy,but you could grab a free sample & email the company to get usage directions.
  6. Red eyed c

    Nelson, R.I.P.

    You guys will always be missed,but never forgotten. :hug: :Sharing One:
  7. Red eyed c

    AFNs live LED help thread.

    Nice one for setting this up brother "kudos" Ill also be around to assist "AFN smoke out"
  8. Red eyed c

    My New LAZY man Organic TLO...

    Here a a few links for organic supply's in the uk mate Here's a free sample of worm juice
  9. Red eyed c

    LG-G04B96LED 300w Reflector LED Review

    Nice one for the great review nomis :Sharing One: :slap:
  10. Red eyed c

    Ids blackstar 240 v2 review

    Great review mate,thanks for taking the time to submit one :slap:
  11. Red eyed c

    new to site

    Welcome to AFN buddy :Sharing One: 18-6 or 20-4 seem to be the most popular lighting schedule,with 24-0 mainly used with members who struggle with low temps through the winter. :thumbs: we have a t5 section here which may answer some of your other questions mate...
  12. Red eyed c

    Can You Name This Strain?

    Hey humboldt,I have removed the pic of yourself from your post mate,its a security measure,you never know who's eyes are watching the forum.Even if your legal someone could ID you,know there are plants in your house & it could bring unwanted people to your door.:Sharing One:
  13. Red eyed c

    Sweet P's w/robwars Jack 47-Sweet Cheese-Cream Caramel

    They are starting to get there sparkle on bro :pimp: :Sharing One:
  14. Red eyed c

    Breaking Bad

    Breaking bad is addictive & its definatly lived up to all the hype. Anyone who's not seen it,go grab your free one month trial with Netflix and give it a go.:Sharing One:
  15. Red eyed c

    Going with AF Northern Light to green house - will this work - could use some input

    Yeah autos to mate. I'm in uk and further north than Bohemia,and done auto grows in my backyard. Done some dragons that finished in around 70 days :Sharing One:
  16. Red eyed c

    Going with AF Northern Light to green house - will this work - could use some input

    It says Bohemia as there location,which is northern hemisphere, Eastern Europe mate,and April/May is the start for summertime growing :Sharing One:
  17. Red eyed c

    Any Stories Behind Usernames?

    I nearly always have red eyes when I not working and can get fully blazed up :twist: "kudos"
  18. Red eyed c

    Dream nutrient setup?

    :vibes: please guys. If I have to close the thread then the op loses out,we are here to help,not hinder :pass:
  19. Red eyed c

    Ordered from attitude seeds on the 18th

    Thread moved to the seed bank section mate :Sharing One:
  20. Red eyed c

    650+ plants/9 strains/3600w grow out

    Iv been waiting patiently to see these bro,very nice man :Sharing One: typical blues,needing that double bag up :grin: