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Cannabis Seeds
  1. Eric Geissler

    Submit Your Pics for Social Media TODAY!!!

    Forum stomper 3 oz it’s mind blowing with about a month cure
  2. Eric Geissler

    Forgotten Cookies

    I have also grown the fuge state got 3 oz of wonderful smoke as well as forum stomper and it gave me 3 oz, strawberry nuggets got one oz, and orange diesel it got heat stressed and gave me three oz of fluff but it still hits hard
  3. Eric Geissler

    Forgotten Cookies

    Thank you, it’s my second auto grow and I’m loving them been dying photos previously for about 3 years. And I think Mephisto will make any one look good.
  4. Eric Geissler

    Forgotten Cookies

    Forgotten cookies the smaller ones are 36 inches and day 61 the tall one is 48 inches and day 50