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  • Good morning everyone! So I spent the day installing and upgrading a new add-on for AFN that effects our vendor and breeder forums. It's the same setup that we are using on High of the Tiger, but we didn't realize it would effect members a bit differently here on how it's been received.

    The major benefit of the add-on is that it allows breeders/vendors a global calendar (that they add their own events to,) a group media gallery, group discussion area, an information/about tab, and a few other goodies that should make the experience overall a better one.

    One major caveat to point out, the new groups (where you see the overlay) unfortuantely *REQUIRE* you to join them in order to post in them. This is done by design of the software (and I understand why,) however it's been requested to see if we can circumvent this somehow. I will inquire to the developer to see if it's an option available or one that can be added to future versions. So to be clear, you MUST JOIN the group to be able to post and reply, even if your existing threads were there before. We apologize for this minor inconvenience but it's a one-time deal and then it's back to business :-)
  • Hey we're testing out our new Raffle/Giveaway software and wanted to invite you all to try it out with us for a chance to win a Smokin' Screws pipe screen!

    This will be for USA-based growers only (to start,) and the only requirements are 25 minimum post count to put in an entry (which you can do once per hour!)

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  1. Eclectic Elle

    Indoor Grow Elle's Experiments

    Thanks @Rollin_along , hope to see you around when I'm back!
  2. Eclectic Elle

    Indoor Grow Elle's Experiments

    Well my experiments are officially over. Spider mite has done for the lot. Invisible Tuesday, a couple of days not checking because of work commitments, overrun by Saturday. It's a real shame as BBG was only a few days from chop and pretty much everything else was well into flower with visible...
  3. Eclectic Elle

    Pop22's Continuous Photo Period Tent

    Shame! But... serious growth - 10 inches???
  4. Eclectic Elle

    Growtogrow inside grow and part time breeding.

    It's a labour of love though isn't it :thumbsup:
  5. Eclectic Elle

    Growtogrow inside grow and part time breeding.

    Nice underskirt trimming bro!
  6. Eclectic Elle

    Duckster gives Wilma a go

    Looking good, although do they have a touch of calcium deficiency? Mine is being a bitch and I think she is lacking Mg and K...
  7. Eclectic Elle

    Anyone try breeding clones from autos?

    Useful info @Prophetiko , thanks! I didn't realise it won't flower properly like a male does.
  8. Eclectic Elle

    Growtogrow inside grow and part time breeding.

    You're always welcome! I will try and take pics next time I have a go - I've just got in some Clonex Mist to try too.
  9. Eclectic Elle

    Growtogrow inside grow and part time breeding.

    Yes, so there's more contact between them. Good plan!
  10. Eclectic Elle

    Slater grows Healing Path

    Just a little tip to hopefully help you man, use the +Quote option as you're reading through, to add things in to your reply, to remind you what you wanted to comment on. It's in the bottom right corner of each post, between Like and Reply.
  11. Eclectic Elle

    Growtogrow inside grow and part time breeding.

    I'm well thanks! No pics, because once they were done I wrapped them in PTFE tape, but the successful ones were v grafts (similar to cleft grafts). I tried whip grafting but they wouldn't stay in place. The v grafts were quite simple - trim the cutting end to a pointed shape, split the stem...
  12. Eclectic Elle

    Growtogrow inside grow and part time breeding.

    Sadly not correct archie - they weren't autos and I didn't get 6, I think I tried 4. I have a new mother on the go but the air movement is too vigorous in my big tent and both grafts have failed. They dried out within a few hours and didn't get a chance to take. But I'll try again soon in a...
  13. Eclectic Elle

    FastBuds Unreleased L.A by Padawan1972

    It's going well! :thumbsup:
  14. Eclectic Elle

    Indoor Grow Chef Daves Perpetual Auto and Photo Grow

    We don't do thanksgiving in the UK, but thanks! Hope yours is excellent!
  15. Eclectic Elle

    Itisivolution. Paradise loft.

    You're not headed past me first, are you Vlad? I can do a care package for Itisi. My stuff isn't brill but it's better than nothing and I have some willing to be donated to a worthy cause :pass:
  16. Eclectic Elle

    Growtogrow inside grow and part time breeding.

    Sorry about the half a plant man! At least it's only half of it though, you still have the rest.
  17. Eclectic Elle

    Waira's '18 Mixed Bag of Tricks Combo Grow

    All caught up - epic journey this year brother Waira! :bighug:That ODGF looks great. I have their Lemon Kush to try at some point. I'm just getting into position to run a couple of small photos over the winter, part of a restarted experiment on grafting. Should be fun! :pass:
  18. Eclectic Elle

    Indoor Grow Elle's Experiments

    Week 8 bucket given. They're doing OK. Spiritwalker is romping away at the front. BBG back left, Jack47 back right, Nursey front right. Getting a little frost on the older three, SW is still growing. A couple of additives are going in and they're liking it. Second Stone Dragon wouldn't grow...