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  • Good morning everyone! So I spent the day installing and upgrading a new add-on for AFN that effects our vendor and breeder forums. It's the same setup that we are using on High of the Tiger, but we didn't realize it would effect members a bit differently here on how it's been received.

    The major benefit of the add-on is that it allows breeders/vendors a global calendar (that they add their own events to,) a group media gallery, group discussion area, an information/about tab, and a few other goodies that should make the experience overall a better one.

    One major caveat to point out, the new groups (where you see the overlay) unfortuantely *REQUIRE* you to join them in order to post in them. This is done by design of the software (and I understand why,) however it's been requested to see if we can circumvent this somehow. I will inquire to the developer to see if it's an option available or one that can be added to future versions. So to be clear, you MUST JOIN the group to be able to post and reply, even if your existing threads were there before. We apologize for this minor inconvenience but it's a one-time deal and then it's back to business :-)
  • Hey we're testing out our new Raffle/Giveaway software and wanted to invite you all to try it out with us for a chance to win a Smokin' Screws pipe screen!

    This will be for USA-based growers only (to start,) and the only requirements are 25 minimum post count to put in an entry (which you can do once per hour!)

    Click Here to Enter!
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  1. Microwave

    White Crack Smoke Report

    Excellent report!! :slap: I also love White Crack and would love to see this strain added as at least a limited edition strain or as an illuminauto strain. :thumbsup:
  2. Microwave

    Beary White

    :slap: Thanks for posting this excellent smoke report!! :cool1:
  3. Microwave

    Auto Blues Smoke Report

    Boveda 62% paks are excellent for curing and storage. All my stash includes Boveda 62% paks in the container. :slap: Humourous and informative smoke report, thanks for posting!! :thumbsup:
  4. Microwave


    Thanks for yet another excellent smoke report!! :d5: :slap:
  5. Microwave

    Sour livers...

    Love this smoke report, thanks for posting! :clapper: :slap:
  6. Microwave

    The Mephisto Experience Part 1

    I only grow Mephisto strains. Not only is their customer service the finest in the industry, but their strains are also the finest autos! :bighug:
  7. Microwave

    C vault unboxing and review

    The extra air is good for the buds as they cure and are stored. I use 65% boveda paks for bud that's over 18 months old so that it doesn't become too dried out! :thumbsup:
  8. Microwave

    Mephisto Sour Crack smoke report

    Sour Crack is an excellent strain with Sour Blues being similar but even more indica. You can't go wrong with any Mephisto strain imho :thumbsup:
  9. Microwave

    C vault unboxing and review

    In the first video, when you unpacked your cvaults, the boveda paks were 58% instead of 62%. Did you request 58% paks? I've been using cvaults for 3 years or so and I find that they keep product freshest when they're not stuffed to the very top, like in your second video. Allowing for some...
  10. Microwave

    Auto Acapulco gold?

    Here's some info: The breeder Barney's Farm used to carry this strain, don't know if they still do or not. Good luck! :thumbsup:
  11. Microwave

    Red Poison & Early Miss.

    I've grown 2 red poisons. Beautiful plant and a strong indica stone. Enjoy your red poisons! :thumbsup:
  12. Microwave

    Red Poison & Early Miss.

    Because you have so much property, no problem with deer, elk, moose, rabbits etc. munching on your plants? No baked bunnies vedging on your property? Beautiful red poison btw! :thumbsup:
  13. Microwave

    DP Auto Colorado Cookie

    Thanks for this smoke report. I have one in week 5 and she's been a fast grower from the start. :woohoo1: :slap:
  14. Microwave

    Drooping Leaves/Stunted Growth

    I bought some dolomite lime, mixed it with water according to the instructions and poured the mix onto the soil around the plant. The next day the plant's leaves changed from wet and drooping to dry and brittle. I've binned the plant. Roots organic has always been an excellent soil to grow my...
  15. Microwave

    Drooping Leaves/Stunted Growth

    Thanks!! Maybe this girl will survive after all : )
  16. Microwave

    Drooping Leaves/Stunted Growth

    How can I increase the pH? Thanks! :toke:
  17. Microwave

    Drooping Leaves/Stunted Growth

    ph of 5.6. Other auto beans have done well with this bag of FFOF. Odd... :shrug:
  18. Microwave

    Drooping Leaves/Stunted Growth

    Problems with HF soil also?