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3500k AutoCobs

Author Rating:
Manufacturer of Product:
Manufacturer Website:
Purchased From:
Retail Price of Product:
Purchase Price of Product (including shipping):
Did you receive this product for free?:
Your Intended Use of This Product:
2x4 grow Tent
Link to AFN Grow Journals of Product in Use:
Rate the Product Effectiveness:
Rate the Ease of Use:
Rate the Value for the Money:
Positives About This Product:
Ease of use does not get better than plug-in and go. Everything was well put together and connections were solid. I used these on my first grow and ifirmly believe that the lights and beat genetics were the key to a very successful first grow.
Negatives About This Product:
None so far, it just works!
Did the Product Satisfy Your Needs?:
Yes, I used 2 in a 2x4 tent and despite what some would call a low watt/SQ foot number it worked quite well. Only change I may make is to add a 6500k or two to the.
Who Do You Think This Product Is Intended For?:
People who want a good grow, a simple to use product and flexibility to add more and rearrange your grow area. I'd even say these are good for fill lighting in bigger grow situations.
Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
Would You Recommend This Product?:
Yes, without question.
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
Great product, keep up the great work!
  • When I started my first grow, simplicity of setup and use was key. I had enough to think about with the plants I was growing. The autocobs were a perfect fit for me and my small grow setup. These would be great for any grow situation, and the ability to adjust each lights position for a given situation. I plan on adding more soon!

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