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A-Trains Trim Bin Experience

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  • The base model trim bin consisting of the bin with screen, the collecting tray and the brush is an outstanding product that any home medical or recreational grower could greatly benifit from having. The product is well built and easily cleaned and maintained. The 150 micron screen leaves you with a collection of high quality keif after trimming and saves money that may otherwise be lost.
    It definitely contains the product better than any home methid i have tried in the past and makes sitting while trimming more comfy if you have a spot to do so.
    20170324_161428.jpg 20170321_181442.jpg downloadfile-5.jpg downloadfile-5.jpg 20170323_183016.jpg downloadfile-7.jpg 20170324_161357.jpg downloadfile-8.jpg 20170324_160638.jpg

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Kiefshagger
    "I gotta get me one of those!!"
    Great big pile of kief! What more can I say.
    Would like a description of how the brush is helpful please! Then I'm off to buy one haha

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User Comments

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  1. Nosias
    What a wonderful tool to keep the tri where they belong...in your possession not in the air. Best smoke is the first poke.:woody:
  2. IceWater421
    What does those bins go for $ ? look like a cool product id like to pick up.
  3. Vimto101
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