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Ace Seeds Malawi X Panama Fem

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    Ace Seeds
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    So after five grows I decided it was time for sativa. Spent several weeks researching breeders where I found Ace Seeds and their diligent approach to landrace breeding. I settled on Malawi x Panama Fem so that I could start a perpetual grow with great genetics.

    from https://www.originalseedsstore.com/ace-seeds-malawi-x-panama~20143

    • 4x4x7 tent
    • 6 x 3 gallon pots
    • 6 x Ace Malawi x Panama Fem
    • Bridgelux EB2 strips 3000k x 12 on a 480w Meanwell A driver on a 44x44" frame
    • Botanicare Coco coir
    • Botanicare Pure blend pro bloom and liquid karma for veg and Jack's FeED part A with Growpito enzymes and beneficials for flower
    • SCROG
    23 DAY VEG

    These weren't bad to veg but in 2/6 seeds one set sprouted twins and the other struggled to germinate and root. I can't say if upward growth during veg was extensive because I trained down into flat canopies. I super cropped them several times and fimmed them.

    IMG_20190313_174752228_compress97.jpg IMG_20190314_185824958_compress9.jpg IMG_20190403_184051116_compress40.jpg


    Flipped to flower pretty effortlessly until about week 4 where two of the phenos weren't developing calyx. I reduced the light cycle to 11/13 which caused the phenos to start budding.

    IMG_20190405_212044242_compress60.jpg IMG_20190415_055729237_compress78.jpg IMG_20190518_222055489_compress62.jpg

    From week 5-6 I had leaves shedding badly as if I had a deficiency but they stopped in week 6 for some reason.


    I eventually had to add the second net because the weight of the bud had broken a few branches and they would out the tent. Strain was easy to grow just more patience required.

    IMG_20190526_021400777_compress11.jpg IMG_20190526_192354322_compress70.jpg IMG_20190526_191542591_compress20.jpg


    I continued lowering the light schedule down to 9/15 where they finished within breeder hombres of 10-12 weeks with milky/amber trichomes. Plants did really well in SCROG.

    IMG_20190614_203147254_compress66.jpg 20190625_142916-COLLAGE_compress5.jpg IMG_20190625_190708898_compress44.jpg IMG_20190627_190036436_compress35.jpg


    For the pros
    • Fast growing
    • Strong 3-4x stretch
    • Likes high heat - I did 80-86f
    • High humidity isn't a problem - 75% in veg and 60% through flower
    • Easy to train
    • Dense bud
    • Above average resin and oil production
    • Long bud structures
    • Low nutrient requirement - averaging 700ppm
    For the cons
    • May need extra silica as the stems break easily
    • Possibly requiring the light schedule to be altered may be taboo for some and possible reduction in yield without adequate lighting
    I broke these stems pretty easily and spent quite awhile trimming in flower because they ended up bushy. I enjoyed this grow with its sweet lemon scents and sticky buds and I will grow it again. Ace has great genetics and responsive customer service. Everyone I gave clones are enjoying the genetics. They clone easily and are perfect for a first sativa.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Rebel
    "Nicely Detailed!"
    Very detailed! Lovely pics! Sounds like a strain I'd love to try! Sweet lemon hell yeah!! :d5: 5 stars!!
    Damien50 likes this.

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  1. Damien50
    So far they are dried and curing at 1008 grams or 36oz. 2.1gpw
  2. Exotic Flower
    Beautiful grow. Thanks for taking the time for this review.
    At 10-12 weeks that is a great time for a full sativa like Malawi X Panama.
    Don't forget my invitation for the tasting party and smoke review!
      Damien50 and stedimed like this.
  3. stedimed
    Great review, thanks. Can you tell us about the smoke sometime?
      Maria Sanchez and Damien50 like this.
    1. Damien50
      Still drying so it will be a month or more. I'll review it cured to be accurate
      Damien50, Jul 7, 2019