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Ak47 Auto

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    Growers Choice Seeds
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    3 of these plants and a total of 7, were grown under 630 actual watts COB LED lighting, 3 gallon pots with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and AN PH Perfect 3 part
    Lights were on 24/0 entire grow, flowering started right at 3 weeks from sprout, harvested 70 days from sprout IMG_2349.jpg IMG_2349.jpg IMG_2346.jpg IMG_2349.jpg IMG_2346.jpg

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  1. Poseidon
    Very nice! What was your total weight?
  2. Jamkush
    Looking to do either Ak47 or Stardawg next. Whats the smell like on those AK beautys? Looking very tasty indeed.
      MrOldBoy likes this.
  3. steelcap956
    I might just ditch the hydro idea and get a pot full of dirt instead. I see way better results in soil then in water on all the weed forums
      MrOldBoy likes this.
    1. MrOldBoy
      Taste will improve in soil.
      MrOldBoy, Jan 23, 2019
  4. RidaRidaRida
    Wow man! I just picked up the same order. 3x Auto AK from Grower's Choice. I was already exited but after seeing your results with the same seed, I'm SUPER EXCITED!!! :worship:
      MrOldBoy likes this.
  5. El Campesino
    I got 66 grams dried out of the AK47, there were 3 of them, all were just over 60 grams. Just under 3 feet tall.
    The GC Critical Purple almost 5 ounces
    I really like the AK, nice little plant.
    Yes, 24/0 light cycle throughput
      Poseidon, MrOldBoy and NewDream like this.
  6. NewDream
    Nice! I’m growing Tamgerine Dream from Grower’s Choice now and will be growing AK next. So you left the lights on 24 hours? What was your yield?
      Flash likes this.
  7. Flash
    What was the yeild? Looks tasy!!! Hows the smell?!