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  • I've grown with every light you can think of over the years, this light bests them all. What these 450 watts will do is truly amazing, my initial reactions of my autos in stretch mode made me feel like a kid again. It was definitely exciting watching my plants grow under it. Besides the explosive growth under the Amare, I noticed compared to other 3/5 watt led's I've used the secondaries on the plants grew bigger and gave the mains a good race. The Amare efficiency, light spectrum, white light, cri, par, heat output or lack of, high quality parts, customer support; it all adds up to one awesome grow light. I'm one happy member of the Amare family and it feels good knowing I'm in good hands.

    SE450 Unboxing
    My first grow using the SE450
    DSCN1887.JPG CAM021401.jpg

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  1. Tetra9
    Like you I have tried a lot of different lights and light sources. The thing is, my electricity is free, so I'm always going back to my adjustable MH and HPS. If it wasn't free, or if I became more concerned with my "carbon print" I would for sure run my LED, and save for some COB's or at least a better LED.
    That being said I have a question for you @iampepe .
    Have you tried the Grow Northern Holographic series ? How about t5's or CFL for a full run ?
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    1. iampepe
      No I haven't tried the Holographics. Tang grows some nice plants with them. I used floro's years ago, it was nothing to get excited about that's for sure. I did have some cfl's above some baby autos last year, a few inches above and the plants actually pulled away from them and were leaning towards an ebay Mars led that was a couple feet away.
      iampepe, Feb 19, 2017
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  2. Sunny747
    I wish I had space right now. That would be fun and informative..

    150w HPS grow.. Light $60 new..
    1. iampepe
      Old school, I use hps and mh, they dont even compare to an Amare. Did you even read my journal? My first grow with this light I harvested 471 grams of flowers.
      iampepe, Dec 8, 2016
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  3. Sunny747
    This is what's wrong with the LED industry..

    The light is cool, but $1150 plus shipping?? No thanks.. A better light could be built for $400. Plus why use 500 watts to grow a 2ft tall plant that I could have frown with 200 watts of CFL? What is that 2 ounces out of a 500 watt light? Should be pushing 600 grams for that kind of money. This article comes off as true spam.
    1. iampepe
      Did you read my journal and respond with this? May I see a link to your 200 watt cfl grow? I challenge you to a grow off...
      iampepe, Dec 7, 2016
    2. DarkShadow
      What light would you recommend sunny? I'm new and growing photo, thinking about switching to auto
      DarkShadow, Jan 2, 2017
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