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  • Positives/Benefits:
    This light is wide and covers my tent very very good. It has separate on off switches for the colored leds, cobs and uv light. It also comes with lenses to magnify the light. My canopy is very uneven so the light is as high up as it can go and the plants are thriving.
    Using the lenses is great when the humidity is high but if it lowers then you will burn your plants a bit. I took them off and will not use them anymore as it is just to powerful.. too much light can be a bad thing.
    Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
    Yes absolutely
    Would you recommend this product/service to another grower?:
    I do recommend this companies lights for any growers needs.
    Conclusion/Final Thoughts:
    More then satisfied my needs

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User Comments

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  1. fluffhead
    Looking at maybe the smaller version... the 250...
    Is the 250 the same light, just smaller???
    Or does the 450 have something different??
    I only use about 3 by 3.5 ft of space for plants. So i wouldn't think i would really need the 450..
    Also do you know if the afn discount a running thing??
    Peace Ripper
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    2. Ripper
      I do believe the discount is a running thing send @AMARE-TECH-Vic a pm and he will dial you in
      Ripper, May 4, 2017
      fluffhead likes this.
    3. fluffhead
      Ahh, ok. So that is what that is in the middle of 450. Awesome tht thanks bro. Im saving for the 250. Im so excited. Will be my first non hid light.
      Thanks again Ripper
      fluffhead, May 4, 2017
      Ripper likes this.
    4. Ripper
      Anytime bud.. you will love the light it is a good one
      Ripper, May 4, 2017
  2. forestly
    just ordered one :) yay!
      iampepe and Ripper like this.
    1. Ripper
      You will not be disappointed
      Ripper, Apr 18, 2017
      forestly likes this.
  3. Waira
    :smoking: sure!...:eek1:... re..., really?? Don't temp me, we're in the same state you know! :rofl:
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  4. Waira
    :woohoo1: :clapper: :thumbsup: great review my friend! You and A-Train are rocking your grows with this light- :d5:-- your Tangie is stellar!
    ...Case in point here: you get what you pay for,... yes, one pay$ for this light, but man do you get! The UVB lamp addition is interesting,... incontestably, UVB increases potency some, but the penetration of fluoro' bulbs usually isn't very good,... I'm very curious to see how much potency difference there is between the tops in close proximity, and lower ones,...:biggrin: ...'course, you could let me "borrow" it and be my own scientist! :rofl: :thanks:
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    1. Ripper
      Anytime brother come get it
      Ripper, Apr 15, 2017
      Eekman and Waira like this.
  5. Strocat
    that sure is cool brother. I wish one of these companies would make a fantastic light thats say 300 true LED watts of COB for a good price like 200$

    I could never afford this.. Ya know one of these lights is literally more than one of my paychecks!

    I'm sure it is an amazing light though.

    hell it better have a lifetime warranty though for the money
  6. Eekman
    Great Job @Ripper

    Top notch review. I am sure it is worth the money, but I just can't afford something like that right now. However, this review has made me drool over this unit.

  7. Scar17
    My next purchase
  8. Burr_nit
    Great review Rip! @Ripper
    I would have to agree!! Lol:d5:
    1. Ripper
      Thanks bud
      Ripper, Apr 13, 2017
      Eekman and Burr_nit like this.
  9. Dudeski
    Great review Ripper! I have to start saving my money for one of these, best light i have seen used yet.

    Thanks for the info.
    1. Ripper
      I like it a lot that is for sure and thanks pal.
      Ripper, Apr 13, 2017
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