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Amnesia Og

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    Hey AFN, my first review here so please bare with me :bighug:im still getting to know the site. Sorry I don't have a journal available for this strain yet as this is one I help grow as part of a medical collective and haven't had the time to document yet.

    However I can tell you that It's the original Amnesia fem from Dinafem, and I have been in love with this particular strain for years for just one reason; It is by far one of the most all encompassing highs I have encountered.
    It was grown from clones from a wonderful mother, after rooting it was planted in to a peat moss, compost, perlite and vermiculite mix (3/3/2/1) and fed using Bio Bizz full indoor range using HIDs and Cfl dual spectrum.

    The flavour and smell is the first thing I notice, a somehow simultaneous fruity a earthy tones, very sweet but oddly musty (in a delicious kind of way) and is very unique. After curing for 1.5 months the buds are beautifully sticky and stinky but firm and grinds up a treat. The buds are nicely dense but not huge. Mainly popcorn but some fat ones. The colour is also insane.

    When smoked (Bong is my first choice) the high hits the head instantly, almost feeling euphoric energy coalesce in the frontal lobe and then at a nice comfortable pace drips into the body and spreads relaxation and near contentment to the core.
    A strong cerebral buzz with more than a little body tingle that doesn't lock you down but still allows if you let the couch lock take you.

    From a medical aspect this strain is even more inspiring, especially in the treatment of dual depression and anxiety. The overtone of anxiolytic mental relaxation combined with the undertones of happiness and motivating energy make it a uplifting in a controlled way. Its one of the rare few mainly cerebral highs that seem to accomplish this. The benefits can be seen for up to 4 hours after smoking or 6-8 after oral ingestion and the tail off is gentle.

    Sleep: this strain is a little odd. Sometimes at night it can knock you out, others the opposite may happen.
    Appetite: again this is a little unreliable but seems to ere towards mild appetite stimulation, however this can't be counted on.
    A surefire way to make sure it does the trick for both these ailments is with a little ingested CBD isolate suppliment an hour (I recommend 10mg for seasoned smokers, or more if you dose CBD or high CBD strains regularly) before you smoke with the intention of sleeping or eating and it really helps. That's me though.

    Pain: amnesia isn't the best strain for physical pain, however it is very effective for anxiety/ depression related pain. That being said it seems to treat mild-moderate pain relatively well and again with a little CBD isolate is extremely effective. At least after 20mg of CBD and a small bong of Amnesia I no longer feel any pain from my carpal tunnel or fibromyalgia. Again, just my opinion.

    This was my first strain review so please let me know if I missed anything and I hope I was comprehensive enough to help people with similar problems.

    Peace and happy toking :smoking::pighug:

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User Comments

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  1. niceneasy
    Nice review, and top looking nug pic. Anything with Amnesia in the title is usually a winner for me :)
      Medimadness likes this.
    1. Medimadness
      Thanks man, Im not gonna lie when I first tried this strain it was way too much for me but now I'm no longer (as much of) a kid I can handle it. Before a bong that was too small to taste was all I could take before it gave me the spins and I was a heavy good quality hash smoker haha now I'm the same as you, this plant as a parent always makes for great strains I mainly enjoy
      Medimadness, Oct 30, 2018
      niceneasy likes this.
  2. The Iconoclast
    so please bare with me

    Can I at least keep my underwear on? Sorry I couldn't resist.
    1. Medimadness
      Lol stop I'm being reminded of the ghost of past relationships
      Medimadness, Oct 28, 2018
  3. F.N.
    That is a very good review. You made me want to try it.
      NiceOption and Medimadness like this.
    1. Medimadness
      Cheers man :) felt the same way when I first heard of it from a friend. Been smoking it 6 months as my main and the body doesn't seem to get bored of it
      Medimadness, Oct 26, 2018
      NiceOption likes this.
  4. NiceOption
    Hmmmmm might need to add that one to the collection...
      Medimadness likes this.
    1. Medimadness
      It's definitely worth an extended trial. It can be too much for some people but if you dose carefully and go with the initial head high it helps a lot
      Medimadness, Oct 26, 2018
      NiceOption likes this.
  5. CoviklaFlaire
    great review!!
      NiceOption and Medimadness like this.
    1. Medimadness
      Thanks man, appreciate it. With that reassurance there will be plenty to follow once I'm reacquainted with some more of my favourite strains :)
      Happy trails
      Medimadness, Oct 26, 2018
      CoviklaFlaire and NiceOption like this.
    2. CoviklaFlaire
      Awsome!! By your rev. Amnezia isn't for me.. Waiting for your next..Rev.. SALUTE!
      CoviklaFlaire, Oct 27, 2018