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Apollo Grow Tent

Author Rating:
Manufacturer of Product:
Apollo Horticulture
Manufacturer Website:
Purchased From:
Retail Price of Product:
Purchase Price of Product (including shipping):
Did you receive this product for free?:
Your Intended Use of This Product:
I bought this product with the intention of growing some dankness.
Link to AFN Grow Journals of Product in Use:
Rate the Product Effectiveness:
Rate the Ease of Use:
Rate the Value for the Money:
Positives About This Product:
  • Great price
  • Lightproof duct and electrical cord ports cinch on inside and out
    • 3" Electrical Ports (x2)
    • 6" Duct Ports (x2)
    • 8" Duct Port (x1)
  • Multiple Mesh-covered lower Vents with velcro cover (velcro seems well made, to my surprise)
    • Rear 16"x7" vent
    • Side 12"x7" vent (x2)
  • No zipper problems since I've had it; zippers seem sturdy
  • Removable waterproof floor tray made of same material as tent (from what I can tell).
Negatives About This Product:
  • The particular model I chose has a wacky ass footprint, so if you get the 36"x20"x62", don't expect to find a flood table to fit it like you could a 2'x4'.
  • at a height of only 62" or 5' 2", it's the 2nd shortest tent made by Apollo, so growing lanky sativa plants could be challenging.
  • No side viewing windows that can be seen on other Apollo Tents
  • The poles could probably use to be stronger. I was considering hanging my Can-Fan and carbon filter from the roof to duct straight out the 6" side port, but was too nervous about the weight of the can fan and filter being added to the weight of the light.
  • The frame is a bit wobbly before the tent is put on it.
Did the Product Satisfy Your Needs?:
Overall, This product has definitely satisfied my needs.
Who Do You Think This Product Is Intended For?:
I believe this product is intended for growers that want to have decent control over the plants environment, and can't afford (or doesn't see the point in spending) the price of something like a Gorilla Grow Tent or a Secret Jardin.
Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
Yeeaaahh buddy! :cools::baby::hump::highfive:
Would You Recommend This Product?:
I would definitely recommend this product to someone. I actually already have recommended it to a couple people.
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
Stronger poles would be good
  • This is the first tent I've had, that being said I've really enjoyed it so far. I've had it about a year and I'm really glad I decided to pull the trigger on this instead of building one myself or getting something like a Yaheetech.

    I got these pics from the Apollo website, If anyone want's to see pics of a certain part of my actual tent, feel free to ask and I'll do what I can!

    View from front, Door ajar
    TB90S_1.jpg Diagram showing the Ports, door, and Dimensions TB90S_diagramB.jpg This is the Floor Tray that comes with the Tent. tent_bottomliner_1.jpg
    Corners are made of plastic, although it seems pretty sturdy, I'd still prefer them being metal.
    These are the lower vents, the velcro is alot stronger than I initially expected. Just remember to close them at lights off if your running photo sensitive strains. tent_vent_2.jpg
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User Comments

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  1. Delta9Heavy
    Nice. I found a topogrow 3x3 on amazon for like 40$ and it works great. Just oiled the zipper up good before use. And I mean I'm the type of gardener who will open my tent 10-20 times a day the oil makes a difference
      Saint Skinny likes this.
    1. Saint Skinny
      Yeah I was impressed by my apollo. Recently (since I bought the Apollo) I added a 2x4 Yaheetech to my collection, I was no where near as satisfied, It would've been worth the extra $20 for the 2x4 apollo, but maybe next time!
      Saint Skinny, Mar 31, 2018