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Arizer Solo NLE

Author Rating:
Manufacturer of Product:
Manufacturer Website:
Purchased From:
The Arizer website.
Retail Price of Product:
Purchase Price of Product (including shipping):
Did you receive this product for free?:
I wish. It'd get a 10/5 if it was free.
Your Intended Use of This Product:
My intended use of this product was to consume marijuana without hacking my lungs out.
Link to AFN Grow Journals of Product in Use:
I'm not sure how to grow a vaporizer. Doesn't that take a special mix of coco, perlite, and the tears of a million dudes with man buns and beards?
Rate the Product Effectiveness:
Rate the Ease of Use:
Rate the Value for the Money:
Positives About This Product:
Ordered late on 4/19, left their warehouse/whatnot on 4/20, and showed up at my door Monday morning.
Looks like an all white light saber.
Heats very quickly.
Charges very quickly.
Very sturdy built.
Comes with a charging bay/stand/whatever you'd call it.
Negatives About This Product:
Can not be used as a light saber.
The lavender flowers they included,( Since you know, It's a "diffuser" and not a vaporizer) left a lingering smell and flavor.
I don't really have anything else negative to say, Other than it's not the easiest vape to hit.
Did the Product Satisfy Your Needs?:
Very much so.
Who Do You Think This Product Is Intended For?:
I think this product is intended for folks that want a portable vape, That doesn't cost twice as much.
Would You Purchase This Product Again?:
Yes. Along with the Extreme Q.
Would You Recommend This Product?:
Message to the Product Manufacturer:
How ya' doing?
  • "The Arizer Solo “Northern Lights Edition” produces smooth, tasty, potent vapor as pure as the driven snow. With a battery that lasts for up to two hours of continuous run-time, a Use While Charging feature, and the convenient Charging Dock included, the Solo “Northern Lights Edition” can be used anytime, anywhere!"
    That's from the Arizer page.
    It seems to be a good little vape for what I paid. I normally don't go for things with a lot of bells and whistles, But this has a few of each, that add to functionality.
    It took a whopping 45 seconds to get up to temp.
    It does hit a little hard... You've got to pull like you're smoking a half clogged bowl. Other than that, It's a great product that I'll recommend to anyone.
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User Comments

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  1. VitaMan
    Can't be used as a light saber? Oh man, that's a deal breaker! :crying:

    One thing I love about my EQ is you can pack quite a bit into the elbow screen, if needed. I was always curious how much you can get into the Solo?

    Thanks for the review!
    1. Dichoti
      Not a whole lot, maybe 1/2 a g, But for the strain I'm "consuming" (gorilla glue4) that's plenty.
      Dichoti, Apr 26, 2018
      VitaMan likes this.
  2. lunarman
    Looks like he likes it! Couple of things I found with the Air.

    One get a better battery as a spare but also for your main use. I believe the best one available is an LG battery. Forget the model. Just need to try and get it from a reputable vendor and not get a fake. I found a better battery results in more vapor and less pulling required.

    And I got an extra glass stem with the bowl on the end. I broke a few of these by tapping it against something to get the ABV out of the stem bowl. Best to always remove ABV using a tool.
      Dichoti likes this.
    1. Dichoti
      Hell, When I cashed mine, I just blew in the stem kind of hard, and the "cork" flew out.
      Dichoti, Apr 24, 2018
  3. Rev. Green Genes
    Thanks for a good review, and a few chuckles.
      Dichoti likes this.