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auto big bud

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  • Company Name:
    blk seeds
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    freebie from afn party !
    Purchase Price:
    again, a wonderful freebie from afn : )
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Rebel
    "Excellent Job!"
    Great unbiased, honest review! 5 stars!
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User Comments

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  1. EvilScotsman
    remember those mate : )
    thanks again my fishy faither ; )
  2. EvilScotsman
    ps.. i should add, thats only a 10L dwc bucket she's in there. those buds are about 5 inches above the canopy and as thick as my thumb. only 8 litres of grow room so she became root bound around week 5. : (
      Rebel likes this.
  3. EvilScotsman
    @Rebel do we have a blk badge? or a shittest lookin dwc youve ever seen badge lol. i feel i deserve the second one a bit more haha
      Rebel likes this.
    1. Rebel
      I know we have a hydro badge.. I don't remember if we have blk... Yet... I'll go check!
      Rebel, Oct 2, 2017
      EvilScotsman likes this.
    2. Rebel
      Dished you out a Hydro and blk badge! Good job Scots!!
      Rebel, Oct 2, 2017
      EvilScotsman likes this.