Auto Blue Cheese

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    Soil ; Klassman Dellman PotGround h70
    Lights: Cree/Citizen cobs 3000k+3500k 180w+180w
    Pots: Air Pots 15l
    Nutes AN PH perfec Sensi Bloom

    Did it autoflower:
    Yes, 21st day
    Harvest time : I did partial Harvest so I would say 12 weeks..
    Weight ON the Scale ; 410g from 5 plants

    I grew This strain once before this and I made promise to myself that I would grow he again..
    It was so tasty strain, like blueberry candy..

    Grow her was pretty easy, al thou I got cal mag Issues, but that is common thing in my grows
    ( I have very hard water with high PH,and ppm/EC), I really need to step up my game..

    I topped them and In my case that is always hit and miss action, this time results were somewhere in the middle.. I didn't prone her or even lolipop so I had Bunch of lower buds, and I decide to let them grow to maturity, So i did partial harvest.. I noticed last few grow that if I keep my cobs under the 50cm of canopy my pistils start turning orange too early so I kep5t lights pretty high whole grow, and I believe that is the reason I got pretty airy buds,But I dont sell and I dont give a fck about bag appeal, I only care for potency..:baked:

    I was blow away first 7 or so days with the potency , But It seems that I build my tolerance pretty fast, and I must say that it lack taste like it had before.. Is it my fault or just my luck I dont know..
    Yes I must say when dried this stuff is pretty loud stinker,I gave up few samples to my family and that s*it stink thru 3-4 plastic bags..

    That all from me..

    I dont know who gives badge$ but I need Dinafem badge now.. :)



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Recent User Reviews

  1. dickfitzwell
    "Great training"
    Nice photos you can tell you really put the time and effort to train them properly
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    BlueCheese should be VERY flavorful and absolutely LOUD as they get. That’s why I cannot grow her at all in my apartment. Plants look good and those buds look good too. Maybe the flavors will come with the cure and complete dryness. I hope they get better for you they sure look good. Dinafem is high quality gear and all of theirs that I have grown have been an absolute pleasure to grow.
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    1. CoviklaFlaire
      It wasn't bad while growing, when It's dried and put in jars, then the smells become dominant.. You must keep in mind that I'm extra heavy smoker,so there is just a 2 strains that have impressed me so far potency wise.. This is good smoke..
      CoviklaFlaire, May 4, 2019
  2. St. Tom
    CoviklaFlaire i grew these this year and boy your right they fucking stunk to fuck but what a great smoke i grew them under the sanlights and im pretty sure your going to up your game further when you get your lights i can't wait to see how you do
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    1. CoviklaFlaire
      What about flavor? My biggest disappointment is lack of that fruity candy like blueberry taste when I'm smoking. And I ordered new ph pen and EC pen, I hope it will help ...
      CoviklaFlaire, May 4, 2019
  3. CoviklaFlaire
    WooooW I made simple showcase and whole site went down.. :rofl: :crying:

    I'm just kidding.. :biggrin::biggrin:

    I had added some pics but they are gone?? :shrug::nono:

    And I cant edit my showcase. :nono:
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  4. niceneasy
    Nice buds. I've grown a few blue cheese out, and they all stunk. Great smoke though. Hope the auto version keeps with the non version.
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  5. Highenuff
    Do you mind sharing what you are using to grow?
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    1. CoviklaFlaire
      Soil.. KlassmanDellman Pot ground h70 + perlite
      Nutes AN sensi Bloom + hobbist line
      Light cobs 1212 + 3070= 380w
      Tent 1m2
      Pots Air pots
      CoviklaFlaire, Jun 8, 2019