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    Dutch Passion
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    They were given to me
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    Here is some shots of this fine product
    IMG_4988.JPG IMG_4996.JPG

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  1. Machamillion
    outa the park bro.:slap:
  2. imlovennuggets
    looks great forsure, I bet it taste fire
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  3. medlowbear
    looks great
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  4. Rowerg
    looking good! great job! :thumbsup:
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  5. 2Stoned2Care
    Totally agree bro this is still my fav smoke of all time.i am being 100% serious,the high from this smoke is fantastic,great for socializing with friends or just chilling to films or music.its the only smoke i have ever had that wakes me up in the morning and gets me moving with a huge smile on my face
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  6. Bud Wiser UK
    Lovely. I'm growing some of these this year ... outdoors, 3 ways, UK..! #brave
    Outdoor sun plot, greenhouse growpit, Airpot.
    Thanks for giving me something to aim for! :toke:
  7. Nosias
    Really nice :vibe:
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